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BIC Kids Pack of 288 Colouring Pencils $30 (58% off) + Delivery ($0 with Prime / $39+) @ Amazon AU

  • A classpack of 288 cheerful eco-friendly colouring pencils from the BIC Kids product range. Great drawings are just around the corner
  • Intensely pigmented leads that are ultra-durable, easy to sharpen, and provide excellent coverage
  • Woodless synthetic resin barrels that are chew-resistant and don't splinter if broken
  • The hexagonal barrel design ensures a firm grip and stops them rolling off the table. Perfect for kids 5 and older
  • BIC Kids Evolution ECOlutions coloured pencils are made with 50% recycled materials and are certified with the NF Environnement eco-label

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  • +7

    Wait, it's only 16 colours with 18 pencils of the same colour, making it a set of 288?

    • +2

      It's kids. did you expect 288 shades for $30. Maybe you're looking for the set that costs $260

      • +3

        I plan on having 18 children to take full advantage of this offer.

        Why should it even cost significantly more to produce more shades? If you're going to market it as 288 coloured pencils and show a variety of course you're intentionally fooling some people into thinking it's more than 16 colours. Reminds me of old 16 colour computers that plugged into your old CRT TVs. Imagine if they marketd 16 colours as more than 400,000 pixels of colour!

        Here's 72 individual colours for $21

        Or 120 for $33.49

      • You say that like it costs more to make a different colour.

        I'd expect 288 shades for $30 if they can do 288 of one colour for $30.

        • It does cost more. not sure if you know manufacturing or production but theres alot to explain. It cost alot more just to have 32 colours. Different costs may include different ingredients of different price points, more machinery, stop starting machinery, colour mixing labour cost.

          It can cost more to make 1 colour than make 120 colours.

          • @sunnyc: Sure, but that's assuming that the factory doesn't already have the capability to manufacturer various colours (I'd assume they do).

            What ever the additional costs, they would be amortized and insignificant over a short time.

            I get that there's a lot to consider, but all things considered I'm still not convinced that the cost increase is anything like the 8 times the cost that you suggested.

            • @iDroid: It's different quality. Polychromos. Considering my karlbox cost me 3.5k

              • @sunnyc: Pencils are not an unsolved problem. The cost difference between 2 different colours is insignificant, regardless of the cost of a karlbox.

                Yes there are manufacturing cost differences (albeit small) but not enough to make a significant difference in end product price.

                It's not 1920.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Got 1 set… not the cheapest ever, but good enough for me.

  • More whiteboard marker deals please

  • +3

    Colour quality on these isn't that great. Very washed out looking compared to faber castell.

    • +1

      Im sure kids care.

      • Define the age bracket. I'm sure a kid over (or even under) 6 would care that their pencils are dull. Faber castell is no prismacolor, but they're better that these bic ones.

        • +3

          My 6 year old literally wouldn't care one bit at all how dull or not. This is the kind of thing parents instil in their kids.

          • +3

            @deelaroo: Ok, still my point is just "these are washed out compared to faber castell".
            I won't comment on values being instilled into kids, but I will say it's a more complex issue than you may think.

          • @deelaroo: That settles it then! Sample size: your kid. They're all the same after all.

  • +1

    Eco friendly but made from synthetic resin - go figure.

    • Great for chewing on!

      I suggested this to my wife and she goes “no way, we’ll have pencils all over the house”.

      Our kids set of 12 pencils already ends up everywhere and needs picked up.

    • Hi there! is made out of resin but 50% of that is recycled also they are wood less so good for trees :-)

  • My kids would lose these in about 10mins

    • +1

      Just walk around bare feet you'll find them.