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[Switch] Outlast: Bundle of Terror $8.36 (was $33.45)/Outlast 2 $9.98 (was $39.95) - Nintendo eShop


Great prices for the two Outlast games. Be warned though: if you play this with headphones in the dark when you are home alone, you better have strong nerves or alternatively a change of undies handy! ;-)

Outlast 2: https://ec.nintendo.com/AU/en/titles/70010000003851


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  • “ a change of undies handy”

    That scary huh? Lucky I don’t wear undies…

    • sit on the toilet and play

    • Read some of the Steam reviews.
      And yes, I can confirm it is pretty scary.

      • Pretty jump scary.

        It'll do the job if you haven't played much survival horror but otherwise it's quite predictable for veterans of Amnesia, Monstrum, Alien: Isolation, etc.

        Try Infliction or Visage; easily the current-generation's Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Visage is a truly disturbing game, and along with P.T. and Contemp, the only survival horror games I found genuinely unnerving that stay with you for a long time after playing them.

        Agony Unrated also deserves a mention because despite having broken gameplay and being more of a puzzle-solving walking simulator, the imagery and environmental design is downright disgusting and highly unpleasant to look at, to the point of feeling like some Clockwork Orange-style psychological programming designed to drive you insane.

  • +6 votes

    One of the best horror games that I played a few minutes of before uninstalling and never trying again.

  • I'm not one for being scared in games. I found the Dead Space games pretty meh in terms of scares. I played Outlast this on PS4 and had quite a few jumps.