DODO Mobile Referral

Does anyone know how to use the DODO Mobile $25 Referral code?

I have the Referral code
I have the blank DODO Sim card that DODO sent me

But when I got Activate, there is NOWHERE to put the Code!

Does it have to be done manually by a Dodo staff member???

Anyone know???

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  • Get belong. $20 referral, better website better signal better feature better everything

  • Thanks.

    But how do I get add my Referral on DODO?

    Question still not answered!

    I emailed them a week ago too but no reply.

    Maybe DODO no longer do Referrals, so Ozbargain should take down the auto- Referral system for Dodo

  • Just got an email that DODO no longer gives Referrals.

    Apart from the $5 SIM, which is still useful for old Babushka's, this lack of Referral makes DODO very uncompetitive.

    Ah well, it is what it is.

    Mods have just removed the DODO Referral System.