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iPhone 12 64GB for $72.47/mo for 36 Months on Lite Plan with 50GB Max Speed Data, Unlim. 2Mpbs Shaped Data @ Vodafone


As we all know, Apple company has launched their new iPhone 12 & iPhone 12 Pro recently. And we found that purchase via Vodafone, we can get iPhone 12 for $72.47/Mth with their Lite Plan, and also this plan includes 30GB Max Speed data.

(Minimum cost $1383.92)

If we purchase via a Australia cashback site: https://au.gocashback.com/, we can also receive cashback. If you are interested in this, you can take a check out!

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    If we purchase via a Australia cashback site: https://au.gocashback.com/, we can also receive cashback.

    Who is we ?

  • Apple company

    Like father China and mother England.

  • what does 100% cash back translate to in real dollars?

  • How does 125% cashback work?
    Seems dodgy af….

    Also where is the bargain?
    "Total min. cost $1383.92" Which is the device and 1 month's service, plenty of places to get the outright phone cheaper than this.

  • I dont get it. How much cashback do you get to make this worth it? Seems like it'll cost $2608 for 36months and you only get 50gb of full speed data for that whole time?

  • You’re site states 100% cash back on phone 36m…

    So if someone takes this out you give $1349 cash back? How, why, and I don’t believe you.

  • Stay away from Go Cashback
    I made a mistake to register with them and there is no where to unsubscribe their newsletter even I clicked on Unsubscribe link in their emails several times.

  • Contract is too short, need 48 months.

  • What would be a deal is if you apply for MoneyMe’s Freestyle card for $2000 ($0 annual fee), purchase the phone outright, get $250 back to your card (for purchases over $1000) then pay off the balance and close it out.


    I bought the 12 Pro 128GB this way - ends up being like $1449. Very quick approval and cash back.
    Although I’m still waiting for my case cos Aus Post is currently sucking.

  • 36 month is a joke. Stay away from Vodafone.

    • Vodafone is a curse, good luck getting reception in most coastal area.

    • Vodafone might have started the 36 month option, but Optus do them by default now too. You are right that it's a joke though. 2 years was too long for a phone plan…

  • Vodafone … not a fan !

  • Basically you buy the phone from Vodafone at RRP, and connect to their $35/month plan on a 36 months contract. If you don't mind Vodafone, you'd be better off buying the phone cheaper elsewhere (e.g. JB Hifi 5% discount gift cards would save you $67.45), then connect to their SIM only $35/month plan (same plan), only 12 months contract. CR and SB cash back is 65% for SIM only Vodafone plans.
    The diff with GoCashback is %125-65% = 60% (of $35) = $21, not worth paying RRP for a phone and tied for 36 months.

  • Usually, the mods are better at picking up the ambiguity in these times of deals. It's difficult to see, from this post, what the deal is.

  • 36 months is too short. Six years Min

  • As others have said, no clear discount.