Xbox Game Pass Ultimate - 12 Months for around $92.58 with 3 years of EA Access subs

Hi OzBargainers,

I am not sure if I should post this as a deal or not but you can grab Xbox Game Pass Ultimate - 12 Months for around $92.58 (ING Card) with 3 years of EA Access subs.

I bought 36 months of EA Access from for USD 65.73 (AUD 92.58 on ING)

Microsoft made the confirmation over Twitter, writing, “EA Play members who purchased EA Play through Xbox and join Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will have their EA Play membership automatically canceled and any remaining time will be rounded up and converted to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.”

I found this on Reddit -

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  • This is Def a deal.
    You should post it as one, someone else probably will

    Then everyone will be like… you should do the Brazil hack etc
    but some will appreciate it :)

  • Just a query, so you purchases 3 x 12 month subscriptions to EA access, then enter all 3 codes into your Microsoft account and sign up for 1 month Ultimate account? Sorry I'm totally goofy about this stuff, just trying to sort something for grandkids for holidays.