Recommendations for sturdy over-ear Bluetooth headphones

I seem to have the worst luck with headphones. All the ones with sliding headbands or swivelling ear cups break, or the cushions slip off and won't go back on.

Can anyone suggest a pair of Bluetooth over-ear headphones with the sort of old-school construction that won't crack even if I jam them down over my freakishly large head? I'd prefer ones that let me make phone calls and can be paired with more than one device.


  • Sony WH-1000XM3 or XM4 on offer.

    • I don't know if all headphones are the same (I have xm3) in this regard but I find switching devices a pain (I go back and forth between phone and laptop). I have to turn off Bluetooth on the last item they were attached to and then manually connect on the device I want to connect to (if you don't switch off Bluetooth on the previous device you can't connect on the other device, it tries to connect then fails). Would be great if there was a button on them that was switch to next device. Especially if the voice said something like "connected to device 3" or something when you switched so you knew what it was connected to. They have an app so it would be easy enough to label which device was which.

  • You can get 25% off any JBL headphones on the JBL website with the code JBLTOYOTA.

    You'd have to research the different ones.