Why Do People Post AU and US Link for Kindle eBooks?

I'm curious as to why there is always the AU and US link posted for eBooks, sometimes it's just the US link as well actually even when the AU link is also on sale/free. Is there a benefit to the US store that I am missing?


  • Some of the Kindle freebies or offers are only on a certain store. The US and UK stores get a lot more offers than AU generally and if you've got a Kindle account setup, most would rather collate all 'purchases' onto the same one than constantly logging in and out of different ones.

    • Oh okay! I assumed that a purchase on the US store could be transferred across to the AU, but I guess the accounts are indeed different.

  • Not just freebies either; some books are just outright not available on Aus accounts. Found this out with several books for our online classes - we had to create a US account for each student.

    And transferring your account between regions is not an easy process as I recall. Licence restrictions are still enforced (yay for DRM!)

  • Also some people would have had Amazon US accounts before they had an AU site, so that account may be linked to their Kindle.

  • Significantly greater range with the US site / account - and alot of the time cheaper too

    • I recently got a kindle and gave been collecting on the AU store, do you reckon I should switch over while it's still easy?

      • I would, you will have to google an address in USA to get it - and everynow and again they twig and you have to pick another address lol.

        Pricing turns into USD, but its relativly the same on the cheap books.

        For amazon prime etc, stay with AU account for ease of use - but thats my two cents