iPhone 12 Warranty with 3rd Party Charger

Now that iPhone 12 no longer comes with a charger, and Apple "encourage" its user to "Save The Planet" by using existing charger, will Apple honor iPhone 12 damage caused by 3rd party cheap chargers?


  • Contact Apple to find out ? Not that hard ?

  • Interesting perspective!… Hard for them to say "but your charger wasn't apple certified" when they don't even provide you with one.

  • As long as they have been certified as made for iPhone under the MFi program Apple will cover any possible damage.

    A 3rd party non certified charger will void warranty if something goes wrong.

    Certified 3rd party items should come with a 'Made for iPhone' logo on them.

  • Yet another reason to avoid Apple
    Deliberatly exclude items to save money (save the planet, yeah ok…), now "force" consumers to over pay for iphone supported charges otherwise void warrenty which would otherwise be covered previously.

  • will Apple honor iPhone 12 damage caused by 3rd party cheap chargers

    Absolutely not. Use MFi certified chargers from decent brands like Anker.

    Why would you cheap out on a charger that could affect your battery life and performance? Look at reviews of the super cheap ones and how poor they're regulated and built.

  • If it's a case of them saying you should only use MFI, how are they going to show that you didn't use one of their chargers?

  • How can Apple find out if I was using a non-MFI charger to charge an iPhone ? I don’t think the MFI or original lighting cable can even detect that it is connected to a non-MFI charge. It would be interesting if they actually do log that somehow that Apple could point out that I was using a non genuine or a non-MFI charger.

    • I remember years ago, when I used some third party lightning cables, sometimes when you plug it in to charge, a message would pop up saying something like.. 'accessories attached not recognised' or something.

      Not sure if that is still a thing these days, I'm still using the same cable that came with my iPhone 6 with my iPhone X and its still doing fine. I also stick to Anker products when it comes to third party and everything seems ok.

  • Never thought about this but.. Why would you go and use a cheap $5 charger to charge your thousand dollar phone?

    But why would Apple be liable for damages caused by a cheap third party charger? Wouldn't it be the fault of the cheap third party charger? So.. you'd go to the third party to get it fixed? If you're talking about the extended warranty then I'm not sure.