Long Term Prepaid Recharge Plans?

Last xmas we bought my son a Boost mobile plan, pre-paid 80gb for the year because he was starting highschool and getting independence… ( i think it cost about $150)

I want to do the same thing again this year, but it looks to me like the only way to get a "recharge" with a decent price that lasts all year is to either get a new number or to change telecom providers.

Is this really my only option?
Anyone know of a better way to just upfront pay for his year of phone plan with about 80GB of data? Or am I restricted to just swapping his provider every year at around xmas time?


  • Check the Boost App

  • Can't speak for Boost, but I've been rolling over 12 month arrangements with Coles mobile for the past couple of years.

  • In the Boost app (may need to turn WiFi off) the existing plan may be renewable if it is renewed before 12 months is up from the original plan start date.

  • switch out to kogan on one of their $4.90 recharges for a month then switch back to boost.

    Been doing it for a while and the 1 month of porting is worth a year on telstra

    • Don't need to do this, if you're on the Boost plan mentioned, just recharge from within the Boost app. I've recently done this with both my phone and the wife's phone as well. 12months, 80GB of data, as per the original deal without the hassle of porting in and out for the same result.
      If you port out of Boost, this deal is no longer available from my understanding.

      • Sorry, yes agreed you can do this via the app, however the recharge will be at the full $150 price.

        I was thinking if you were getting the Ozbargain boost specials as they only permit new users.

  • Catch Connect has a deal for 120gb over a year, usually $150, currently $120.
    It uses the Optus network, so if that works where you live, it might be worthwhile. Cheaper than your Boost deal with 40% more data

  • I am going with Woolworths next, a juicy cashback on cashrewards and you get 10% off groceries once a month, also regular bonus offers