Overall Amazon price went up?

In the last 2 weeks, I notice almost all of my item in my shopping list have went up between 10% to 40%. The item I have in the shopping list are a few tools, bike pedal, a card reader and USB chargers. Most of this item is sold by US Amazon.

Anyone notice this? Anyone know the reason? Jeff need more loose change?

I will need to scale down the purchase.

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    Yes, price overall increased
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    No, price relatively the same
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    I dont notice

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  • I noticed this too, a lot of the products I purchased during Prime Day were higher than their usual price. I think stock may be low because of Prime Day so they increased the price to lower the demand until they get in more stock.

    That or they're trying to recoup some of the lost profit from Prime Day. That's just my guess though, but I have noticed the change.

  • I noticed a couple of things went up around prime day, but most are still the same.

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    It's the opposite of ebay's price jacking.
    They put up the price after the sale and not before…

  • 2 weeks until 11.11 singles day on aliexpress. You'll get those jacked up items for 10-40% in 2 weeks.

  • Amazon updates their prices in real-time. PLease don't play this game.

  • Prices have been relatively static for me which is actually surprising as I usually see at least one item on my extensive wishlists drop each day. Might be saving all the discounts for black Friday. FWIW those items that do go up are typically the last few in stock (you'll see something like "Only 2 left but more on the way" on the right. My theory is they're capitalising on people with FOMO going "oh no, only 2 left I have to buy it now". Then when more stock arrives the price will drop again, often lower than it was originally.

  • They are getting ready for Black Friday so that people can see they are getting significant savings.

  • Amazon US (and UK) via AU prices usually fluctuates due to currency rates.

  • No significant changes on my wishlist, most items are the same price, with a few dropping by around 5-10%, which is normal based on my experience with the Amazon price fluctuations.

    However, my wishlist does consist of items being sold by Amazon AU, Amazon UK, Amazon US, as well as private sellers, so maybe that is masking the price increases of Amazon US for me?

    Anyway, the benefit of the wishlist feature is that you get to monitor prices, so obviously if you see a price increase, you won't be buying anyway and you'll simply wait for a price that you are willing to pay…

  • Most of my wishlist is the same. No obvious changes.

  • Anyone know the reason?

    Increase in cash rewards cash back rates. Ready for the IPO.

  • Yep, was going to buy a Victoria cast iron pan and it went up $20. Really annoying.
    With amazon you have the pull the trigger and buy quickly while the price is down with the system they use price often goes up without warning.