Woolworths Mobile Fail ! Anyone Has Experience with Numobile?

My wife is on a $30 Prepaid mobile plan with Woolworths mobile for a while now. She has set up auto-recharge which always worked.

The auto-recharge stopped working last month. We only found out a few days after the recharge has expired. Had to buy a recharge voucher to manually recharge. Lucky we didn't lose her mobile number (which could happen if recharge not done quickly after the last one expired).

The auto-recharge failed again this month !! Had to manually recharge via a voucher again.

Thinking of switching to $30 SIM only plan with Numobile - same with Woolworths $30 prepaid plan - 30GB data, include domestic calls international calls to selected countries, 1 month expiry (30 expiry only for Woolworths mobile), Telstra 4G network, data bank up to 200GB.

Anyone has any experience with Numobile? Have not heard of it before. Would you give it a try?

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  • Used numobile a few months ago, no issues at all (can’t complain) everything ported across instantly. Can’t comment on customer service though as I’ve never had to contact them.

  • get belong. use referall get $20
    data rollover indefinitely.
    what else do you need
    most people here pay $10 a month

    • This - Belong has everything you could possibly want in a prepaid/non contract postpaid service (except easy to access customer service).

      The only reason for not having Belong is if you want a 365 day service where you aren't going to use it much but just want to keep your number for the cheapest possible cost (you'd go for something like Aldi pay as you go), or there's a good deal for a 365 day paid upfront service with someone like Kogan (I think if you did the maths, Belong might still end up in front but if you need to access a lot of data at the beginning of that year it might be better with a Kogan deal)

  • auto-recharge stopped working last month

    When I couldn't pay with my Cac one time, I rang up to find out why. Turns out they blocked my CC for one month's because they detect fraudulent activity on my cc. After using different ways to pay for 2 months it worked again last month.

    Did you find out why auto recharge didn't work?

    • I live chatted with Woolworths mobile’s customer service, they claimed they attempted to charge my credit card 3 times. But my credit card company said they didn’t see any charges come through. I think Woolworth mobile’s system is stuffed up as it is not showing the last successful auto-recharge. I am giving up on Woolworth mobile