ALDI Delayed Special Buys Schedule

I was interested in a couple of recent special buys had items which were previously on the postponed list. I'm in VIC but they weren't big and heavy items deliberately postponed due to the lockdown rules.

But regardless of whether it's rules or "supply chain disruption", does anyone know if previously delayed items just happen to appear when available? Or if they still only will arrive on certain schedules, e.g. every Wed and Sat?
Would be nice to not have to make random trips basically guessing.

I did happen to go on their advertised date anyway cos I misread the delayed page as the opposite meaning (LOL) and sure enough there wasn't even a placeholder for it so it wasn't the usual stock issue (afaik).

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    The union’s industrial actions, which consisted mainly of bans on overtime and acting in higher duties, were used by Patrick Terminals and Scott Morrison to blame the MUA for delays of up to 20 days to unload ships at Sydney’s Port Botany.

    Unions want a 2.5% pay rise while GDP is going backwards, people are out of a job and some people taking forced pay cuts.

  • Use the stock checker with Facebook Messenger. I've used it successfully a few times to see when something has come into stock at different stores. Just check it once a day.

    Note if the item isn't there in the category and day selected, there is a very very subtle "More" button on the last item listed for a certain category and day, which shows more of the item selection.