Reasonable Time to Repair TV

Hi guys

My TV just stopped working after 4 years from purchase date and I made a claim through GG extended warranty. It has been 3 weeks since I made the claim. Although they have collected it, they still have not started the repair and have told me that since they have only just assessed the TV for repair, they are allowed to take 30 days from now to repair it under the T&Cs of the extended warranty. This seem really unreasonable to me - to have to wait 3 weeks plus 30 days.

I tried the go back to GG (the actual retailer and not their extended warranty team) and ask for a refund or replacement under consumer guarantee but they said they are not allowed to and my only option was to speak to the extended warranty team.

Has anyone had a similar experience or have any tips on how I can get a refund or replacement under consumer guarantee?

(seems like the extended warranty was just a waste of money given the amount of time they are allowed to take to repair)

Thanks in advance


  • What are the mentioned T&Cs of the extended warranty?

    Also, read:

  • Parts probably coming from China. 30 days would be excellent at these times.

  • Our 70in LG Smart TV had an issue with its wifi/bluetooth module that made the smart remote unresponsive. Our extended warranty last until sometime next year. Called up Good Guys and they gave us a number for the warranty department. I called them, verified the warranty status, they ordered the part and about a week later, called me to schedule technician to come fix it at my house the following Monday. The technicians took all of 10minutes to disassemble and replace the faulty part.

    Mind you I live in metro vic and this all took place during the lockdown. It might just be that the issue with my TV was very minor compared to yours.

    (how is the warranty a waste of money, sure it might take a long time, but without it, you'd have to foot the bill for the whole repair which depending on severity could end up costing more.. though taking a long time is pretty shitty though)

    • Thanks. I'm in Sydney metro. My TV would get power but screen would not turn so it was completely useless. After 3 weeks of waiting and then being told up to another 30 days is really annoying. What good is an appliance when you can't use it for almost 2 months
      I feel that instead of spending money on the extended warranty, I could have just gone to a local repairer and had it fixed in that amount within a week (I'm assuming that's how much it would generally cost). Also with consumer guarantees I have heard of cases where manufacturers repair or replace outside the stated time of the manufacture's warranty time.

  • they are allowed to take 30 days from now to repair it under the T&Cs of the extended warranty

    What did the T&C's say when you read them??

    • I don't think I read them in detail. I must admit, in the past I have always had items fully replaced under extended warranty, including larger appliances, on the spot and in store. So I didn't have a reason to believe that I would be in this situation.
      When claiming under the extended warranty, I did come across the "up to" 30 days time and took this as the worst case scenario. Turns out the worst cast scenario is that they can come it pick it up whenever they like and dictate when the 30 days actually starts.

  • Yeah I think that’s reasonable. If you feel inconvenienced by the wait maybe voice your option to GG

  • Try asking for a loan unit while you wait for the repair

    • …or go watch TV at TGG.

      Ask for the remotes, change all the TV's to whatever you want to watch, turn the Volume up loud, then complain about how loud it is to any remaining customers.

      Order food to TGG from UberEats and ask TGG if you can use a Microwave and bring your Laundry for a Wash/Tumble Dry but only if that is what you normally do while watching TV.

      It would be nice if they gave you a key so you can come and go and if they covered your Uber/UberEats costs until your TV is fix'd. lol

  • Currently in the middle of one with TCL, it's been 4 weeks since i started the warranty claim for my TV that would no longer power on.

    After 2 weeks they escalated to their servicing department, a week later they sent someone out and this week they should be replacing the part.

    If it blows out further i'm going to be pushing for a loaner or replacement.

    I feel a month from start to finish is acceptable, more is taking the piss.