Dell laptop spare parts. Where to buy locally

Got a Dell Inspiron 11 3168 in mid 2017 as child's byod laptop

The power button broke recently.

No problems the power button and the volume buttons are on a separate pcb.

Dell won't sell me any parts. Is this normal behaviour from them?

Anybody sell sell parts locally or AliExpress my best option?

Let's leave the dell refusing to sell parts and ACL as a separate conversation


  • Have you tried 3D printing one ? If not use a knife and carve one out of a milk bottle cap

  • The microswitch has come off the pcb

  • You probably just need to re-solder / reflow the micro switch. Power button has two parts — the plastic button itself that you physically touch to power the laptop. That's usually not the part that's broken.

    But micro switch that's soldered onto the PCB. That's probably the part that has fallen off the PCB and you can just DIY fix that. Or you find some phone repair shop and ask them to do it for you.

    • pad came off with the switch.even with resoldering its not doing to stick all that well now that the pads are torn. The complete pcb is less than $10 bucks on ali. Was just hoping to get it locally to get it faster

      • I doubt anyone local would stock such parts, as there would be be next to no demand.

        Dell won't sell you the part (like most other manufacturers, Apple, HP, Asus, etc.)

      • Just follow the trace and create an extension with a slim cable then hot glue to the button back.