Who Should Pay for Plumbers Charge in This Instance?

Received a plumber's bill from the real estate agent.

The leak started from my tap which caused water to drip down affecting the tenant below (commercial suites). When I was notified the problem, i fixed the leak rightaway n i already paid for the plumbers bill.

However, the plumber who did the investigation's bill has been passed onto me as well. Is this suppose to happen?

Building is privately owned n no strata in place. Your opinions r well appreciated.

Many thanks.


  • Their investigation to the source of the leak was integral to fixing the problem of water ingress into their property.

    You need to pay for the investigation.

  • Damage came from your property, you pay all the bills. Who did you think was going to pay it?

  • My question is,

    If there was a strata scheme, then strata will usually pay for this kinda stuff.

    Without strata, wouldnt it be the land lord's responsibility to pay for the investigative charge?

    I end up paying twice for call out fee because the plumber didnt fix the problem immediately. For a leak which I did not know about.

    • Commercial property can have very different rules to residential, as can strata vs. non-strata. I'm certainly no expert in the field, but the fact that under one scenario "x" happens does not necessarily mean that's relevant to other scenarios.

  • If the amount is high maybe try your building insursnce, but suspect your excess wouldbe more than the investigation cost.

  • Ok. No worries. I will pay up then.

    Thanks to all those who has contributed.
    Case Closed.

  • Sorry bub, its you

  • None of us here understands exactly what was leaking and why. Without that knowledge, it's impossible to say who should pay.

    If the op is a tenant..
    If it was a failure of the tap fixture, which was not visible, then how can it be the tenants bill..

    Tenants are not liable for everything.

    If it was negligence or was visible, then yes fair enough..

    If you are the owner, then fair enough.

    You would think that if there was enough of a leak then it should have leaked into the under sink cabinetry or been visible in some way.

  • If you are renting, the landlord should be paying.

  • ring consumer affairs and heed their advice. agents are not above the law and facts. they are not judges or juries or executioners.