Winner notification for competition entries?

Not really sure where this belongs, but thought I might stupidly ask out of curiosity given I've never won anything.

Do most organisers of competitions generally give a person a call or email notifying said person that they won, or is it a thing that organisers can choose to publish the winner however they want, say on a website, and not contact them personally, and it is up to the winner to find out they won?

Asking this as I was reading the T&Cs of the Isuzu Ute competition and it states that the winner will be published on their site. Nothing about contacting them directly.

If this is the case, isn't it possible that there are several people who may have won something but not do their due diligence in checking they won?


  • From personal experience, usually they attempt to contact you. There's often a time period within which the person has to accept the prize or it'll be offered to someone else. Sometimes they also contact you to confirm delivery address and other details for bigger prizes.

    For the competition you mentioned, it says "The Winner will be notified by telephone and email."

    • Thanks! Is it usually a few attempts to contact if you missed out on say the first phone call, or first email?

      • Yeah I think they have to make a genuine attempt to get in touch with you. Unless it's like one of those radio competitions where you have to pick up your phone when they call.

  • When I won, they called me.

    I lost it when I saw the number. I was obsessed with the competition and knew their headquarters were in Queensland. So when the Queensland area code(?) popped up I screamed.

  • When I won, it was an email sent by someone with a German name. Looked a bit fishy at first. Good reminder to look through spam and promotions folders occasionally to see if there's anything important

  • I have a gut feeling that some companies promote competitions, get a bunch of signups to their newsletter, and then never actually contact the winners and prizes. And you won't know either because most of them don't announce the winners publicly on their website. This is why, in addition to my bad luck, that I rarely participate in competitions.

  • Calls - Radio comps, a dyson vacuum
    SMS - Click Frenzy TV win
    Email - Everything else

  • I won the NRL Nation Red Energy footytipping competition in 2019. They were supposed to contact me within around 48 hours but they did not. I tried email contact but they just told me they would contact the winners so after 2 weeks or so I sent them a letter requesting my prize. They paid up very quickly then but I was left wondering what would have happened if I hadn't contacted them.