Chromecast with Google TV - Best Price?

Anyone seen the chromecast with google tv for less than $99? Was going to price beat at office works with Domanye but their price just went back to $99. Really annoying as I have officeworks gift cards that can be only used in store.



  • Someone got it from JB hifi for 91 I think in the chromecast with Netflix thread. They posted the receipt so just show JB that

  • Would love to but generally officeworks don't price beat off a receipt…

  • I could get it from JB commercial for 93.94 so you could try that

  • You can get this from Google store for $140 with netflix for 6 months. After netflix cost, google tv with Chromecast only $60? Note you need to pay with the like of 28 degree as the site charge international fees of 3% if you don't.

  • Folks I bought Google Tv Chromecast and it’s pretty slick device and I love it. The issue I’ve is storage (external- USB). Definitely sooner or later you’d expand storage but let’s discuss also what USB HUB supported external storage. I bought one from Amazon Australia but it didn’t work. I changed different power source for USB-C but the hub could able to power up google tv Chromecast but it didn’t detect external USB storage. So if someone is successful in doing this please share USB hub details.

    • You need a usb hub with pass through power or something like that I believe.

    • I got one off Amazon too, as @joshr1pp3r says it needs pass through
      I also found the way I configured the cables made a difference. Use the supplied power plug and cable to the hub, then the hub to Chromecast with the hubs cable. I was playing with a usb-c plug to the hub etc. and it didn't work, either not enough power or not detecting the USBs or ethernet.
      I also found external USB disk (1TB) didn't work but USB stick (128GB) did as well as micro SD.
      Below is the hub I got
      Good Luck

      • Thanks. The one I bought is
        HEYMIX 6IN1 USB C Adapter Type C Hub,HMDI Port, PD Charging

        and I configured every possible way to pass through power and additionally changed power source from stock google tv Chromecast to Apple fast charger to even my Lenovo chrome book power charger but it didn’t detect any of 128/64/16gb USB.
        Thanks I’m getting the one you posted link above.