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LEGO 42115 Technic Lamborghini Sian FKP 37 $455.99 Delivered @ MYER eBay


More stock, 20% off RRP.

MYER seem to keep adding stock to their store, you can use https://brickhawk.com/set/42115 and signup for alerts

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  • are people buying these to resell?

    42 sold in one hour..

  • OOS in under 10 minutes.

  • keep refreshing…

  • i bought one, excited to get it.

  • I'll only purchase when it's confirmed the colour mismatch is fixed on these.

    • same

    • +2

      I guess you won’t be purchasing any time soon then. Lego have come out and confirmed that the colour mismatches are to be expected as part of the recycling/manufacturing process so we are pretty much stuck with it.

      • that may be the case then

      • Love to see that aside from the response to reviews on website. Have a link?

        Only article I can find is where the colour was commented on and they are taking the complaints on board to address. I reckon it will be resolved.

    • +1

      I'll only purchase when it's confirmed the colour mismatch is fixed on these.

      Yeah again, it's not going to happen.

      There are dozens and dozens of reviews on Lego's [email protected] site with buyers complaining about the same issue since launch and Lego's customer service reps continually copy-paste the same reply stating: "there may be slight variations in colour consistency on different pieces due to the manufacturing methods used and this is often more noticeable with brighter colors like the green used in the Sian".

      Lego simply don't see it as a problem and this isn't the first time issues related to colour inconsistency/mismatching have occured in a Lego set; it's occured with dozens of sets in the past, especially those that used a lot of brightly-coloured pieces. I don't think Lego has ever recalled or re-issued sets for this reason in the past.

  • this is only a recent model, there will be more discounts in the future and probably combining 20% from myer and another 20% off ebay. Just like the Chiron I got for about $385 when retail was $599.

    • +1

      yeah but the Chiron is fugly compared to the Lambo!

  • omg and i thought we are in the recession…. people are splashing $500 like $5….

    • Recessions only affect the most impoverished.

  • They're back!! 7 available now

  • back in stock!

    • aaaaand OOS again haha

  • shouldn't have browsed, bought others i've had my eye on for the collection.

  • Back in stock, if deals still working lol… "More than 10 available"

    • Yep still working, just bought one 30 seconds ago. They'll probably keep adding stock. I suspect I'd save by waiting another few months but oh well.

  • just ordered 10 seconds ago!

  • 6 in stock .

  • Gone .

  • They loaded up another 30 at 12:34:19 AEDST.
    Sold out by 12:47:04 AEDST.

  • another 30 stocked…

    • +1

      and gone again.. I keep missing it! it seems to be whenever I get up from my computer to do something… i made and ate lunch that time… grrrr…

      • +1

        tell me before the next time you get up from your computer ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I keep missing it and I've been waiting for 3 hours

        • +3

          its been restocked, i just got one!

          • +1

            @missspeckles: I think the Speccy Boys aren't after this one .
            Maybe some Scumtree and FB are though :)

  • as of 7:36pm… more than 10 available…. let's see if there's actually product this time… my previous two Myer eBay orders were cancelled after they took the money ;)

  • +1

    got one, thanks mate. I almost put a laybuy on this last weekend at full price.

    Its out of stock now, hopefully i get one :)

    • good work!

  • +2

    Back in stock again with more than 10 available!

    • Thanks. Just grabbed one 🏎

  • 16 in stock

  • Back in stock again.

  • Order has been cancelled and refund in progress….

    • sorry to hear. it often happens with MYER - their systems always seem to sell more than they have available.

    • Did you order in early drops or later drops? Myer probably had more than 10 drops. Each drop seemed to be 30 units.

      • Earlier drops…I should have ordered another one at the later drops as backup

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