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Spend $80 on Wynns Wines and Get a Bonus Black Label Shiraz @ Bottlemart in Store


Think this is a pretty good offer on Wynns from
bottlemart as they also have have a decent special on Wynns wines
Eg Wynns Shiraz, The Siding, Cab Shiraz Merlot $11.99 each (Dans $13.95)
The free bottle is a 2013 Wynns black label shiraz which Dans sell for $35 each
So purchase 7x Wynns varieties for $83.93 and receive the free black label shiraz

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  • Dan's have price-matched the individual bottles but not the bundle. Thanks OP!

  • DM has not matched the price at my local stores.

    BM QLD website does not list this promotion. Where are you located OP? Might be your state only.

    • In Vic, not sure if nationwide but i cant find the deal on their webpage either for Vic, seems the website isnt kept up to date