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LEGO Friends Central Perk $71.99 Delivered @ MYER eBay


First time poster (and super excited about it!)

A few others have already posted about Lego sales 20% off on Myer eBay. Been looking at this new set, which wasn’t on sale on myer’s own website but is on their ebay.

Was sold out at RRP on Myer’s website a while ago so I think get in quick if you’re also a Friends fan (or a friend is and this is their gift :)).

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  • +5

    Yeah nah, I will be buying 2 sets of the Seinfeld one though

    • I keep seeing this LEGO Friends as a recurring OzB deal and clicking through to the comments to try to understand the appeal (and, tbh, see if there are any good referential jokes!).

      It sounds popular… but why?

      • +10

        Why wouldn't it be popular? Lego is popular, Friends is popular, combine them = extra popular.

        Probably more to the point is that this is a set targetted at adults. Having done it myself, it's a pretty good set too.

    • Is that one on sale?

    • +1

      Would never get friends one, but when is Seinfeld one coming out?

      • Block-quote Would never get friends one, but when is Seinfeld one coming out?


  • Damn thats cheap
    got mines in amercia, last year, didnt think aus would get it!

  • Hell yeah! Bought it straight away at this price, thanks OP!

  • +14

    Could this…. BE any better

  • cheapest ever, thanks OP, bought one.

  • Thanks OP, got the last one (I guess).

    OOS now.

  • -1

    They even have Gunther!

  • so sad I missed it again!

  • +1

    Got one luckily just before it was posted here and the Broden's decided to swoop in and buy 5 at a time…

  • Bought 1 on Lego site. Max 1 set per account so must be very popular.

    • They been reloading since 10 AM today .
      Seems Myer is the King of this set on the retail front in OZ .
      Never ending supply !

  • omg that's quick.

  • Damn, and I just paid $97 inc delivery for this 4 days ago!

  • +3

    Out of stock already. No one told me life was gonna be this way.

    • There were a small number of knobs who purchased multiples - five, seven or 10 units…

      • It was basically available for most of 4 hours. Could have been worse.

        • True, mate. I certainly wasn't quick off the mark today - work was flat out. Managed to snag one this evening, so worked out nicely. Hope everyone who wanted one got one, despite the knobs :)))

  • Ahh missed it again

  • ok i like the tv show but look just few pieces of lego and boom $80 ?

    • +3

      It's over a 1000 pieces with 7 figs, tbh this is a great deal for a licensed set.

  • +1

    Back in stock thanks OP

  • 16 left .

  • Back in stock again

  • Aaaaand out again.

  • +2

    Back in stock again! Just got it, unlimited reload

  • +2

    It’s back on

    • Finally got it.

      • Noice

  • I just bought this few days ago from Myer for $89.99

  • Back in stock 15 left.

  • Restocked again

  • +2

    Never ever had Lego before, but I NEED THIS !!!

    Thanks OZB !

  • Thanks OP, finally back in stock.

  • Grabbed one, cheers OP :)

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