LEGO Advent Calendars (Harry Potter, Friends (Sold Out), City, Star Wars (Sold Out) ) $39 Each Delivered @ Amazon AU


These have dropped price again and seem to be popular, they've been slightly cheaper individually on occasion at BigW, Costco etc but haven't seen them all for $39 each on Amazon for some time. Good timing for Christmas with delivery due early-mid November.

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  • thanks, I've ordered a friends version and with prime, it says delivery tomorrow.

  • I love Lego, don't get me wrong. But I really struggle to see the value in these. The Harry Potter figures are just terrible - Star Wars are a little better as they have the ships. I guess as long as the kids appreciate them that's all that matters….

    • Yes.. kids..

    • i've got one in the cupboard from a few years ago and they definitely get more basic each year. I wouldn't mind paying more if you got the value

    • A little more satisfying seeing them get something other than chocolate - most toys don't have a long shelf life these days, it's a disposable world unfortunately!!

    • It's something for the kids to open every day, it's a fun thing to have setup. And the benefit of it being lego is that in the end at least you end up with more lego for the collection rather than it being wasteful little trinkets

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      I thought the same, have 2 little ones. Think I'd be better off buying them a $40 kit each, they'd get a lot more Lego out of it.

    • Cities and Friends have lots of pieces and more value.

      Star Wars less due to licensing fees paid to Disney.

      Harry Potter even less due to higher licensing fees paid to J.K.Rowling?

      You see the same with e.g., $40 LEGO sets, heaps of stuff and much bigger boxes with City, Ninjago, Friends etc, and the Star Wars, Minecraft etc boxes are much smaller for the same price.

  • Harry Potter in the 20% off deal 20% less than this .
    I still wouldn't buy any of them at that price :)

    • I though they were old fashioned decades ago.

      Yeah mate that's how traditions work

    • People buy them. Just because they've been around for decades spent mean they become "old fashioned". Might as well moan about people buying Christmas trees/cards/decorations.

  • Do they have individual instruction for each day or is it on the back of the box etc?

    Wondering how this would work giving it to my kids.

    • Instructions are in the doors of each day, they're very simple. At least all previous years that's how they've been

    • There are little instructions inside each door, so it doesn't ruin the surprise

  • Oh, it's not actually the Friends TV series lol

    • ya i was thinking the same! but alas no
      EDIT: apparently there is one "LEGO Friends Central Perk" which is around $90 everywhere

    • Thank goodness for that. It’s a show that simply doesn’t work without canned laughter telling you when to chuckle (like two and a half men).

  • They're an extra $10 off if you use the Amazon app

  • I bought them at this price in mid-September. My experience last year was that the week before 1 December there are no sales and you end up paying RRP for these, if you can even find them.

    They are a bit of a splurge but as has been said above, I like that the kids gets something tangible that will be added to the lego collection and kept beyond Christmas. Better than a piddly chocolate before breakfast every day

  • Looks like junk but kids will love it

  • Star Wars one is back in stock

  • Star Wars back in stock