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InovaAir Air Purifiers and Filters 10% off @ InovaAirpurifiers.com.au


Not cheap, but helps with 10% off code. I dont think they have sales often. Good time to get replacement filter's if you need them. Most of those with free postage.

If you do get a purifier I suggest you buy a few prefilters. The main filters last alot longer, but they suggest the prefilters last about 3 to 6months. Really depends on your air quality. I haven't replaced mine for about 9half months.

Australian designed and manufactured.

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  • We borrowed an older version of the E7 when living in an apartment that was constantly getting dirt and dust from a nearby construction site. The difference in accumulation on surfaces (chest of drawers) was really noticeable when we had it. i.e. from 'didn't I just dust this the other day' to 'barely needs a wipe down'.

    Also remember looking at these during the bushfires in Sydney last year, they had ramped up production and still had long delivery times.

    • I only had to wait a week for mine during that period, but the lead time became longer as they struggled to meet demand. Purifiers were very low in stock and snapped up quickly when available.

  • Is it manufactured in Aus?

    Unless want to support Aus made, the Xiaomi 3H is < 1/3 of the price of the E7 and might be more powerful > just squizzing the room size coverage, etc.

  • Thanks OP. Indeed not cheap but I have been holding on for a Discount code to replace filters on my E20 from 2012!!! 8 years and still going strong

    • How much is the filter?

      • Check their website as it will depend what you are after .. Pre-filter, carbon filter or HEPA and which model

    • Ha. Has that affected the main filter as they do say once the prefilter gets to about 3mm thick of dust I think it's meant to be replaced. No defined way to actually really assess the prefilter for replacement. They also don't recommend cleaning them.

    • Have you had any issues with the purifier? Good test of how good it is. I am concerned that you haven't changed the filters though in all that time. Is that true.

  • Timely, as I'm tossing up air purifiers for a new home. No idea on these models in particular but there is a great writeup on purifiers here: https://www.consumeranalysis.com/guides/air-purifiers/best-a...

    General takeaway is that CFM isn't everything. Small units are generally not recommended based on durability and efficiency. Larger units (>250cfm) also not recommended.

    If you need greater airflow for a larger area, you are probably better getting 2 midsize units than 1 larger unit. Better output, more efficient, and more flexibility in 2 units

    E8 is probably the better buy over the E7 (in my opinion) based on functionality.

    If you're looking at the E20, you might want to consider 2x E8 units which gives greater output for the same money ($5 less before discount). Keep in mind that while 2x E8 units have greater filter surface area than the E20, replacing 2 sets of filters may not be as economical as 1 filter over the life of the product. Depends what you're after I guess.

    DE20 only seems to add digital controls. None of them offer any form of remote control from what I can tell.

    • Great comments. I just went crazy at the time with the bushfire last year. Have had the E20 on everyday since. I don't think I am getting the max benefit out of it as it's on the lowest setting in our main living. Any higher and you do hear the noise of blowing air more. I'd say the smaller ones are good for bedrooms. I think it would work best there. Yes the DE just has the digital screen all the filters the same, so no real need for that. Not sure if lit as that could be annoying in a bedroom at night.

      Look these are in the top end of the market. Not for all, but the quality is there as solid and good filters, and Aussie. That's what it has got going for it. We can all consider that if we want to help the manufacturering business. The covid19 thing has highlighted how much we rely on OS products.

      • Yeah 100%. I had been looking at Phillips and Dyson previously but I'm glad to hear about these guys. Knowing they are an Aussie company certainly has me looking at them as well now.

        How have you gone with the filters? They would have taken a beating during the bushfires and still not replaced them yet - is there any indicator on them for wear?

        • I just checked my prefilter now. White part is what it is like new. We dust every week. There is a noticeable reduction in dust on surfaces, so its working. https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/237754/84019/20201029_...

          That is actually 9mths half months of constant use. Checked receipt Jan 17.

          The 10% discount definitely makes it more palatable for the purifier and filters.

          There are no indicators to say when to replace. Less things to go wrong. Fan and knobs the only moving part's. I think the only thing the 2020 update is was a change to the grill pattern. I wish the power plug was located lower as oj mine it is up at top. Suppose as fan there.

    • I would say that maybe running 2 smaller ones may cost more to run day to day than 1 larger 1, but you get more flexibility of where they go with 2 smaller units. I have done an operating cost analysis on mine.

  • Thanks OP. Just stock up on pre-filters.