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[PS4] EA Family Bundle (3 games: Need for Speed, Unravel, Plants v Zombies: GW2) - $7.19 (was $47.95) - PlayStation Store


Fantastic price for this bundle. It is the all time lowest price for this bundle on the PlayStation Store.

It contains the following three games:

  • Unravel
  • Need for Speed
  • Plants v Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

I think this is definitely a must buy for this price.


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  • nice find, OP, thanks, grab one.

  • Does anyone find the new playstation page sucks?

    half the time doesn't load (at least on PC), and you lost the wishlist function as well.

    • Wow, the PC store page was bad before but this is diabolical

      You can't even sort by release date or price? Pathetic.

      • Just sign out and the price will load. But after that it lists the other bundle you can't even click on it and load the details.

    • New UX sucks. I saved wishlist offline as I knew this was going.
      You can no longer look for DLC, PS4 titles etc

  • Kids want Plants Vs Zombies………..You can't buy this product for the following reasons:

    You already own the following products, which conflict with the product you're trying to buy:


    • Delete from the homepage on your PS4 and then maybe try again.
      I just read something similar in another post where that solved the problem but I have forgotten in which post.

    • This is a known issue - if you own one of them or have EA access it makes it near impossible to buy - i googled this issue last week and it seemed there was no workaround besides ringing sony. Anyone else have any ideas / solutions?

  • i guess an alternative is buy it under another account (which is also linked the playstation).