Bonds Face Mask With HEIQ Viroblock $9.95 + Delivery (Free for Members) @ Bonds


Bonds Face Mask with HEIQ Viroblock $9.95 or 3 pack for $24.95. Alterntively, the standard cotton mask 3 pack for $5. FREE Shipping for a member.

The 100% cotton outer layer has been treated with HeiQ Viroblock to increase barrier protection. The X-Temp inner layer is treated with adaptive cooling for a comfy, breathable fit. For optimal protection, a secure fit is required.

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  • 3 for $5 was posted last night:
    They don't appear to have too many good reviews.

    • I bought these a while ago when they were like $10 for 1. Fits well for me. Pretty comfy and easy to breath through. Doesn’t get as hot as the disposal ones.
      Not sure how long it lasts if you don’t wash it though?

    • Crap I just spent the $5 before I saw your review :(

  • Purchased these. In my opinion they are terrible. Might as well strap a thin tshirt to your face with a rubber band. Comfort shouldn't make way for safety when in comes to a mask in a pandemic.

  • Who cares as long as they look good and comfy.

    • meh. With such a small amount of virus around our country - you actually want it to be a decent tool and do what it needs to do. Otherwise why we all still wearing these. I'm in regional Vic and I'm grateful that these are still used, school pick ups and the like, good enough if we end up with less cold and flu for the duration.

  • I found the HEIQ Viroblock version is fantastic, but the regular cotton version is very average (fit and quality).

    • I agree the Viroblock ones are good, got the 3 pack last time around.

      However, they are recommended to wash up to 20 times, so it must be looked at as 60 uses for $25.

      After 20 washes, the Viroblock has reduced to no longer being effective. So at that point you are back to just a 2 ply face mask - 3 ply or higher is what you need if you are wearing these to protect - not just to avoid a fine.

      Price needs to be cheaper for semi-disposables like these.

      Would recommend these at $17.99 for a 3 pack with adjustable ear loops AND a nose bridge.

      There used to be a 5-ply one but CW no longer have them…

  • Extra 10% off for members. But if theyre not good better go get some xiaomi purely airs.

  • Lasts up to 20 washes.