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Akira 35th Anniversary Box Set $218.50 (Was $340) Delivered @ Amazon AU


I have been wanting to buy this for a while but it is out of stock nearly everywhere in Aus. Amazon price has just dropped from $340 so this is a really good price. It has not been this cheap since beginning of 2019 according to 3x camels. I think it is being reprinted next year as book depository has it available for preorder for ~$315.


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  • That is sick ! too rich for my blood but totally awesome.

  • That's awesome. I always drooled over the phone book sized volumes of this as a teen, this edition looks mint.

  • Good price but Amazon has stuffed up most of my recent purchases and a lot in the past with poor packaging or basic lack thereof. So even at this price I can't handle the disappointment and annoyance of another damaged item due to stingy packaging. :(

    • This. I've been tempted to get the boxed set but the bad reviews about the packaging has put me off.

      I remember reading the mangas in high school and got up to the last few issues but was never able to find them so I'm keen to know how the manga ends. I guess I could just buy them individually and not in a boxed set…

      I think it's also been cheaper in the past if you got it from amazon.com.

    • Fingers crossed mine isn't damaged. I have been buying a lot of manga lately from Amazon (All of the berserk deluxe books, nearly every Junji Ito book and also the drifting classroom books) and all have been in pristine condition luckily. At least returns are free with Prime so if it is damaged it's not a big deal for me to return it.

      • Mine always come with a corner or two banged up, especially the heavier boxed sets. I don't understand how they consistently put collectable items in a box that just fits and has little protection and then I buy hard steel work tool and they put heaps of padding in a huge box. It drives me mad.

        That all being said I hope they all arrive in excellent condition since at least it's being shipped locally.

    • Completely agree qwerks ! I bought those Bushnell binoculars off of Amazon thanks to OZB and they sent them from America in an unpadded plastic satchel … the original manufacturers packaging was destroyed and the contents of the box strewn in the bag pretty sure the optics are slightly out of alignment because of it. Amazon's response was send it back for a refund no other options.

      • pretty sure the optics are slightly out of alignment because of it

        That's bad luck, cos they're good binos. Mine was sent just in the retail box itself, but luckily survived intact (not even a ding in the box).

    • Oh god I really know what you mean. Graphics card arriving with the postage sticker just stuck to the box, no sticky tape, from the UK.

  • What does a re-printing usually entail (if it was being reprinted next year)? Do they update or add anything usually?

    • Shouldn't be any different at all (maybe just date of publication changed??). I'm pretty sure this set has been reprinted at least once or twice (maybe more?) before as it was oringally released in 2017…

  • This type of post is exactly why people were excited about Amazon AU as a door to deals on a much wider range of items.

    Turns out it has mainly been a good way to buy cheap Toilet Paper, Dishwasher Tablets, Boxes of soft drink, and Paper Towels :)

  • good for reading or would it be sacrilegious to do so given the 35th anniversary edition. never read manga before.

  • no more stock

  • Definitely buy this if you're a big fan of the anime. Otomo truly is a master of his craft

  • I'm just glad to see the nerds here

  • How many movies should a fair treatment have been?

  • Wow. Now it’s at $481.59!