Something for USD 100 from Amazon US with Free/Very Low Shipping Cost to AU

Hi All,
I have received a gift card from a relative in the US and I think I ended up redeeming it to my Amazon US account. I am unsure whether I should have just copy pasted the code and logged in to my AU account. I happened to just click the link and I guess it took me to the source site where the gift card originated i.e. US.
Long story short, I am stuck with $100 USD and most of the things I am looking to buy have nearly $40-$50 AUD international shipping fee. I checked insta-pot for example and the bloody shipping was 100% of the cost!
Any recommendations for items with free or very low shipping to AU?
Not in immediate need of any electronics (i.e. computer, mobile or tab) so that's out but happy to get some suggestions.
No Kindle or paperback books. But that's my last resort anyway.
Lastly, I am not keen to add more than $50 USD over and above the $100 USD gift card amount; so it would be great if the suggestions are within the $150 range including shipping to AU.



  • Can you buy virtual gift cards with your account balance? Maybe they can then be redeemed in the Australian store.

  • I receive Amazon gift cards for work incentives all the time. Unfortunately, they are region specific - even if you wanted to redeem it on Amazon AU, it wouldn't have worked. Look for items sold and shipped by Amazon, very reasonable shipping charges around $11-20USD.


    These wireless earbuds for $11 USD shipping (not recommending them, just an example).

  • I'd wait until Black Friday in November.

  • Does Amazon US have any digital gift cards you could maybe buy and use on digital stores like maybe a game store or something?l

    Maybe even buying a digital code of a game would work out best as there are no shipping charges usually and you could either sell that code or use it for yourself or family and friends.

    Yeah I would try get something intangible maybe to get more value via no shipping charges.