Gimbal Recommendations Please

What is a good gimbal to buy for a teenager? I guess he wants to use it for making videos on his phone. He’s using an iPhone 7+ with a fairly chunky cover if this makes a difference. He’s not ruling out of getting a Samsung in the near future or inheriting an iPhone XS.


  • The Osmo mobile 3 would be my recommendation, currently the OM4 is also out but the features are pretty much the same, except for the fact that it's a magnetic mount which makes it even smaller (imo isn't worth the extra $$$ and instead increases the risk of damage to your device should it fail).

    Here's a nice review of one:

    • Should also mention that they're around $125-127, but with Black Friday sales around the corner, you should be able to find a good sale soon

    • So these things you can program in certain movements and the motor will play those movements out while you record? Can these things hold a mirrorless camera with a lens and flash trigger attached. I bet I can put something like that to good use.

      • Nah, camera gimbals and phone gimbals are in different mount and weight/strength classes, even if the concept is the same. Phone gimbals like the osmo are designed for the shape and weight of a phone. That's how they are much cheaper than camera gimbals.

        Basic functions of a gimbal is to follow your hand movements as you hold the gimbal. Advanced stuff like preprogrammed movements are dependent on the app the manufacturer has made to work with the gimbal, which I believe DJI does have built into their app.

        If you want something that works with a mirrorless camera, your looking at something at least 3 times the price like a DJI Ronin SC or one of the many Zhiyun Crane variants.

        • Maybe I should start shooting video on my iPhone instead. I can still lock the settings and use video lighting.

          Then again, if I use a gimbal for still photography, and the gimbal combined with the in lens stabilisation, combined with the in body stabilisation, I should end up with really stable photos yeah? Is something like the DJI Ronin a reputable model?

        • My recommendation for the compact gimbal that can do mirrorless / action cam / phone is Zhiyun Crane M2. It's very compact but has a payload of 720. I have one and it's great but has its idiosyncrasies in terms of balancing it.

  • Zhiyun Smooth 4 is a great gimbal. It can also charge the phone.

    The Zhiyun Smooth X is a cheaper, small stabiliser as well. Haven't used this one though.

  • Another consideration is whether or not you require Filmic Pro integration support (i.e. controlling the app with the gimbal's buttons / knobs) - I think only the DJI Osmo Mobile line and the Zhiyun Smooth 4 have it.