Woolworths Web Browser Prices DO NOT Match in Store Prices, So What Is The Point of Checking Prices??

Checked a price on woolworths website and then in store the actual price charged was over 55% higher! The store price had previously matched the online price as I had bought the same goods many 2 months previously, Woolworths has responded that their web browser prices are not indicative (at all) of their in store prices (I shopped at the Bentley Store in suburban WA) except that they will honour the specials listed in their weekly catalogue. So my question is what is the point of have a website showing prices if it means nothing in store. I have asked them to refer me to their disclaimer on their website. Do shoppers realise this, should I not really care, is this price gouging by the local Woolworths Store? What do you think?

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  • Really? I check online price in my store and they match? Coles and Woolies both used to have marked up online price, but not for Woolies for a long time.

    Do you have specific examples where that's not the case?

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    Any examples? and were they "Online Only" offerings?

  • covered previously on OzB:

    "Woolworths has responded that their web browser prices are not indicative (at all) of their in store prices" - where did you see this?

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    Did you set your location or have it default to NSW?

    • It's worse than that. Unlike Coles, you can't easily change your location without signing up, logging in and remembering that damn password. 🙄

      Still they have electronic receipts now - which is a huge step forward.

  • Could it be the timing of when you checked prices online vs when you went instore that the specials had changed over for the week?

  • This has been covered before.

    Website is for click and collect, or delivery. Pricing may vary except for advertised specials.

    • This. I’ve had it happen to me before and questioned the checkout staff and showed them the price in their app. They basically said that the prices online are not available in the store as they are online only and are cheaper due to less overheads etc.

      What they fail to realise is that I could do a click and collect with the cheaper price and it still comes from stock in their store. Ah well.

      Basically all my shopping is click and collect now anyway with me only visiting when I need one off items (bread milk etc).

      • My local is not the same as the warehouse they stock the delivery for. But yes, previously they had different pricing online and in store and online did not have the weekly specials. This made me not order from them for delivery as its much more expensive.

  • Welcome to the world of corporate profits.

    Effectively it is a case of segmentation. Bricks & mortar is competing against other bricks and mortar. Online is competing against other online. They won't give you the benefit of both.

    We're seeing it right now on the great WW gift card discount reduction of 2020. Some places going to 0% discount, others still on 5% and others on 3% - 4% there is some analytics in the background. Basically old people have so much time to go checking prices WW still giving out 5% to them (lock them in, get them to buy more), then there is the in between crowd getting 3% - 4%, where non walled general public (cash rewards / shopback) get 0%.

    • Wow, you some sort of Marketing guru? With analysis like that!

      "Non walled general public" vs "Old people with time on their hands".

      Where did you get such definitions and how were they plucked out?

      Sure its not Extinction Revellers Vs Boomertown Rats?

      As for the OP there are specials on the website that state they are online only.

      eg https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/633097/tut...

      • Forgive netjock, he/she been under Melbourne locked down, may not know what a store looks like anymore

      • You can get worked up about it.

        Lay person's generalisations. I would not be coming here and talking technical definitions and maths behind it.

        Your problem if you get worked up about it.

  • I just posted this as I was definitely not aware that this was their policy. My apologies if this has been discussed before. The example is a 10 pack of Kirks Lemon Squash cans, $5.00 online I paid $8.60 in store even though I know very well that they were $5.00 in store when I had bought them previously. I believe the website uses my location services and Perth pricing. This was not a special. it was not an online only special or price, https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/317388/kir... I'm not a complete idiot but feel very foolish for falling for what could be seen as price gouging by the store. I was hoping the price would update at the self checkout (I have lost count at the times my local Woolworths did not display the correct prices on the shelf) it didn't, but I felt like an idiot to not buy them and (and yes I am an idiot for buying them). Went to the customer service desk and they very quickly told me what their online customer service people have now told me. I want to spread the news that Woolworths are doing this, I'm not sure about Coles but basically unless it is an advertised special ignore the online prices as they are completely irrelevant compared to in store prices. As for the only old people have time to check specials, its not just old people who don't like being ripped off.
    Just a side line note the "was $9.05 14/05/18" in the link, they have been $5.00 for quite some time now.

    • Fair enough, you now give an example we weren't aware of, and just trying to help you, and us, understand this.

      Definitely worth watching as it doesnt make sense. Maybe the more we understand the more we can put pressure on when it happens to have them reverse this stupidity.

      Maybe the best is to refuse to buy it or at worst ask for a refund.

      BTW in NSW its $6.20 and same price on app as website. (Guess we pay extra for refund deposit).

      The app is set to shop in store

  • Sorry checked my docket, it cost $8.30, please don't make me scan in my docket…………

  • Just order click and collect next time. They lose out because you aren't browsing and making impulse purchases while in the store.

  • All good mate. You sounded very hysterical in your post and like other said we just want to understand your situation. I'm surprised when you let them know is a pricing error, they didn't give you the product for free then fix their price tag. I've lived in Perth but not been to that particular store so I might not know the store culture.

    To answer your question, you should care but need not to think every Price error you faced is a malicious act to screw you over. Bring the Woolies app with you and check price. I do that every time despite being a "loyal" customer.

  • Thanks for the responses, I wasnt aware I sounded hysterical, lol. Just pissed that unlike most other companies who will honour a price discrepancy Woolworths says get stuffed and get nicked as prices are not comparable. I just prefer a fair, level playing field and then we can all make decisions with all the info not just believing what we see on a website.
    To chihongo, there was no price tag to fix, the cans are $5 on their website and $8.30 in store, end of conversation, no pricing error as their policy is that their prices do not have to match, ever, unless its a documented special price. as always buyer beware…..

    • Hey mate, hysterical probably wrong choice of word. Forgive me. Ive been the opposite where I did a Karen to get a lower price, then returned home to find I was wrong . Buyers beware is true. Although my previous comment stands that we can get sucked into corporate is out there to get us when we feel our basic right is not honoured, but truth may not be that malicious