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[PC, Steam] Control Ultimate Edition US$23.49 / A$33.37 (41% off) @ Indiegala


For anyone who wants the Steam version of this game, it is now at historical low price at Indiegala. Very good review everywhere.

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  • Still debating if I should get this or Horizon Zero Dawn …

  • Gog is $42 (DRM free)

    • excuse my noobness but what is DRM free?

      • basically, you own the game and can play it whenever you want without connecting to an online service like steam

      • DRM is digital rights management. Basically policing what you do with your copy of the game. Best example is Steam, when you can only run a game with Steam installed.

  • Epic like $25 if you've got coupon.

  • Damn, I purchased during an Epic sale a while ago for $41. I held off playing when I heard it was getting some performance improvements, like DLSS 2.0. I know that's in it now, but haven't had a chance to play yet. I'm not sure getting it AGAIN, just for Ultimate bonus content is really worth it? I also hate the idea of encouraging companies to re-sell you a game with additional content, rather than just let you purchase the DLC separately.

    Just wondering if anyone has any opinions.