New Wok has gone rusty

I purchased on eBay D.Line Carbon Steel Wok as it had good reviews.

Second time I’ve used it and it’s rusty now.

Should I be contacting the seller?


  • Carbon steel woks requires constant lubrication to prevent rust. The instructions usually says:
    - prior first use: heat up the wok and apply cooking oil on it. Then maybe repeat the process once, making sure that the heat is high enough that the oil starts to slightly smoke. This apparently makes the wok less sticky when cooking.
    - After every use: maintain the wok by apply light coat of cooking oil and maybe spread it using a paper towel.

    This can be quite messy as the wok will make other things oily, but this is how Carbon steel woks work

  • You can read this article about carbon steel wok maintenance

  • Carbon steel woks needs seasoning, before you use it (if it's not already pre-seasoned) and after it gets washed (solvents like dish soap strip it of it's protective layer)

    Relevant reddit question about carbon steel wok seasoning:

  • Wok could go wrong if you don't season it.

  • As others have said, you need to season it. A quick google will teach you how to do it. It's very easy. Everytime you use it, make sure you use oil to help build up the seasoning. The seasoning is just a polymerization of the oil that creates a hard protective layer. You can strip it if you aren't careful with metal utensils etc, but modern dish soap won't do any damage at all.

  • Sounds similar to how you'd maintain cast iron pans/woks.

  • Don't use dishwashing liquid….Use hot water, coarse salt and paper towel to scrub it. Dishwashing liquid ruins the top layer.

    Season and re-oil regularly.

  • you didnt dry it after washing, And dont use any detergent, just hot water and a bamboo brush

  • Is it for the bin now?

    • nope, just clean the rust off, and season it again and google how to look after a carbon steel wok

    • Sprinkle with salt, add some oil, grab a coarse pad or paper towel and start working on it until all the rust is gone.

  • You need to season the wok when you first time use it and continue the process every time after use. I have the majority of my woks carbon steel, steel and cast iron in different sizes and I love them. After years of being used, they can be on high heat and also non-stick which non-stick pan and stainless pans cannot achieve. I can explain how I season my woks if you are interested to know

  • You are supposed to season it before use.
    Clean in hot water only
    dry immediately

    Google it

  • Should I be contacting the seller?

    Nope - sounds like user error. I've made this error once before