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[Switch] Hades $30 (Was $37.50) - Nintendo eShop


I've heard great things about this game and have been waiting for a sale. Sale ends Nov-5

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  • Overcooked 2 and Moving Out are both their lowest ever prices as well.

  • If you ever wanted to fight your dad then buy Hades.

  • Bought this a week ago and am addicted. So good. My first ever roguelite. Everything about this is fantastic.

    Personally bought this for $13 on Epic. If you really want this on Switch, okay. But it's sublime on PC.

  • It's a great game. Right up there with Slay the Spire & Dead Cells for the best rogue lite on the switch

    • Haven't got Hades yet, but I agree with your statement.

    • Is it hard or repetitive? One thing that always turns me off is the difficulty and having to do the same 1st stage hundreds of times to progress a little further.

      • It took me a couple of hours to get the muscle memory going. Once you're over that, it's not too difficult.

        Dead Cells is far more difficult imo.

      • It's difficult but it doesn't matter? It's basically the more you try, the easier it gets. It's also fun to kind of create your own builds to get through the stages.

      • The story progresses even if you die so it doesn't really matter if you don't make it past the first area

        also you get a bunch of power up that stay with you for future runs so the game does get easier as you unlock more stuff.

      • There is a baby mode in the options if it's too hard, that gives you a stacking buff every time you fail

  • Super addictive gameplay, giving you that 'one more run' feeling. Not normally into rogue-lite games but this is my favourite game of the year for sure! 10/10 would die again.

  • Was waiting for any form of discount on this before purchase, this is enough of a discount I reckon. Thanks OP.

  • Do we know whether the PC/Switch cross saves are implemented yet? I own the game on the EGS, but I always thought it would be a great one to play on Switch, too. The game is good enough I'd buy it twice (on sale..)

  • Really fun game with a lot of polish. Everyone knows it's a rogue-lite going in, but what surprised me was the high quality of the story, art and voice acting. Definitely recommended

  • Got this on Epic for around $15, but would happily spend the $30 on it.

    I've never really played a rogue-lite game, but I couldn't put this down when I started playing. Highly recommend!

  • pretty good game with some great voice acting. really high quality stuff. i personally dont feel its as amazing as people are saying, I just can't come back to it for some reason (these are the types of games I play too), I suppose I find the builds not as interesting after 60 hours.

    • You got 60 hours of gameplay, of course things aren't going to be as interesting after that…

      • It's like when you see negative reviews of games on steam and the writer has 500 hours played

        Bruh if you don't like it why did you keep playing?

        • why are you acting like im hating on the game? all i said was it doesnt have that much longevity with the builds like other roguelikes do

      • eh doesn't really work with roguelikes. i have 300 with slay the spire and still play it often, 120 in monster train, 300 in isaac… you get the drift

  • Another person with a big thumbs up on this one. Just well done through and through.

  • I like this game, you die, you get stranger..

  • My first rogue-lite game as well. Bought it on switch at launch and absolutely love it.

  • Had my eye on this game for a while now thanks OP!

  • Paid full price and will gladly pay full price again. Fantastic game, highly recommended contender for game of the year!

  • Highly recommend. Game of the the year!

  • Been playing it on PC hooked up to tv using xbone controller. Pretty fun game !

  • Literally bought this yesterday :( not even that upset because it's so good

  • I bought this as soon as it hit early access on steam and I'm still playing it now. It really is that fun.