Soundbar Help ATS1090 Vs Hisence HS218 2.1ch 200W (on sale for $199)

I noticed that Goodguys has a $60 store credit if you spend $200 and found this whilst browsing.
$199 down from $299. How does it compare to the Yamaha ATS1090 / 109B (waiting for another $190 sale).
Obviously Hisense has the sub and is 200 vs 120W so expect better low frequency and ability to get louder. But how is the sound quality, does either not turn on with TV automatically? ect
If those in the know think this is a good deal feel free to post it.


  • Hisense has a separate sub, Yamaha doesn't…

    Sound Bar 120 Watts.
    Subwoofer 80 Watts.

  • Did you make a decision? I'm also looking at HS218 vs YAS 109 (same as ATS1090 I believe) and wondered if there were any recommendations.

    Obviously the additional Sub on paper makes Hisense looking the better option. I don't care about the Alexa part on the YAS 109. But what about sound quality?

    • I brought the Yamaha 109 a few days ago for $185. The bass is good enough for me, don’t need the seperate subwoofer.

      I didn’t do any further research but the 109 sounds great.