Reliability of 'My Car' Supercheap Auto? Searching for a Car Battery

I am searching for a battery for my 2009 Volkswagen Golf 90 TSI. Using the 'My car' system on SuperCheap Auto I am being told my only option is a Century DIN44LHMF at $225.

Meanwhile, other websites are suggesting:

  • Autobarn: Supercharge Goldplus MF66H $229
  • Repco: Repco battery DIN53LHMF $249
  • Batteriesplus: Exide Extreme XDIN55MF $179 (specifies it is DIN53LHMF equivalent)
  • Century batteries website: DIN53LHMF $249

As you can see, the DIN53LHMF is being suggested frequently. However, when I search up Century DIN53LHMF on SuperCheap and Autobarn, it says that this battery does not suit my car. I am a little confused!

Is the 'My car' option on SuperCheap and Autobarn always reliable? Or are the recommendations sometimes wrong?

Unfortunately, I can't find a post from any Volkswagen forums pointing towards any information.

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  • might help. Says that XDIN55MF is equivalent to DIN53LMF.

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    Typically in this scenario, I just take a look at the battery that’s in my car and get one of the same

  • Yea din55mf should b the battery u need, hmf refers to a taller battery and probably wouldn't clear your current bracket

  • I've found online compatibility checkers can be wrong sometimes, so I'd suggesting giving the store a call or your VW dealer to make sure.

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    DIN is the form factor. 44, 66 and 53 are Amp Hour ratings. L is for left negative terminal. H is for High (slightly higher for a different clamp), MF is Maintenance Free.

    You can't compare amp hours between brands as most will exaggerate to seem better. The Century is the best battery listed, followed by the exide.

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    You may have a factory fitted din44 sized battery, but there may be space to for a din53/55 which is just wider terminal to terminal than the 44. There would be no problems going larger if you have space for it. Take a measurement of you current battery and they will tell you what size you have fitted.
    Battery manufacturers may know from experience that a din53/55 will fit your vehicle even if it came with a 44, but Supercheap (auto it) might err on the side of caution and only recommend the factory size.

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    SuperCharge and Exide batteries are both made by 'Ramcar' in the Philippines

    Century and Repco batteries are both made by 'Century Yuasa' in Brisbane.

    Century (& rebranded Repco, RACQ, RACV) are excellent batteries.

  • Managed to get the wrong brake light globes for my car from the SuperCheapauto lookup thingy.

    Check what you have in the car, then get the same.

  • Regarding OP's unanswered issue - I have the same thing whereby it indicates a red "does not fit your vehicle" on items the recommended carousels, however clicking on the said item will give a green "fits your vehicle". I rely on the latter confirmation by clicking on the items itself, rather than the former indication of recommendations as this is always unreliable.

    You can also find the full range of oils/filters/parts etc that are specific to your car once you're logged in here

  • Wow. Thanks so much for all the knowledgeable and helpful advice given. Literally every comment was of assistance. I really appreciate it!