CCTV Camera- Single Story Home


I am just overwhelmed with the options out there really looking for someone who can recommend me a decent camera from their experience.

Require below specifications
1) 5/6 Cameras
2) Continuous Monitoring
3) Infrared for night vision
4) Can be monitored via phone app .. trying to stay away from another screen and harddrive at home

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)


  • Happy with the Reolink system I found on here a couple of months ago. Meets all your requirements, it was an 8 camera system so either use a few more or hold onto some spares.

  • The next one that someone posts on OzBargain.

  • the biggest thing you haven't mentioned is wireless (battery) vs wired (POE).
    There would be vastly different recommendations based on the answer.

    • Thanks . Would any wireless have continuous monitoring or only motion ?

      • Are you after continuous recording?

        I have the Arlo Ultras (Wireless) and it only records when motion/sound is detected. There is no option for continuous recording, but you can monitor the camera via an app or website.