Single USB-Connection to Laptop + Dual Monitor Setup (Home Office)

Currently borrowing a P2419HC from the office, which has been great.

A single USB connection to laptop is all I need as the monitor provides:
- 65W power
- Hub for all USB peripherals
- Daisychain via DP out connection to a second monitor

Wanting to purchase my own setup to emulate a "single cable" setup, so I can easily unplug my laptop to go into the office and plug it back in at home.

Should I grab (all prices are from Dell):
1. P2419HC ($312) + P2419H ($270) = quoted $550 total
2. P2419HC ($312) + S2421HN ($159) = $471
3. P2419HC ($312) + S2421HS ($175) = $487
4. S2421HN ($159) + S421HN ($159) + Dell D6000 ($245) = $563

All will be mounted on North Bayou F80s, so the main priority is the single connection point via USB C.

I'm thinking I may just need to wait for a more decent discount on the P series monitors.


  • Option 1 for $550 together direct from Dell sounds decent, especially if it includes delivery; Umart are selling the P2419H for $249 and the P2419HC for $299, plus delivery, unless you can click and collect from a store.

    • Thanks mate. Yes $550 incl. delivery, so similar to the Umart price you mentioned.

      Only thing is the P2419H also has "usb hub" which will likely go unused, hence my subbing in the S2421HN/HS as a "dumb" second monitor. Just needs to daisy chain to the P2419HC monitor.

      Thoughts on that? Or not worth the hassle. Just get both P series monitors.

  • You can easily get the D6000 for under $150 on gumtree if you already got the monitors.

    • Thanks for that. Tried searching but nothing coming up on gumtree within 250km of metro Sydney. Auction on eBay still has over 1 day left with 15 bids and already over $125.

      Where have you seen the D6000 online for less than $150?

  • Hey, I've recently done similar. Saw this as a result of P2419H search alert, which yeah I suggest you look out for. I picked mine up recently from Dell outlet for $219 “as new". Happy with it. Can shave off a little more with "refurbished" condition. Clearly I'd suggest just sticking with the P series. Consistent style, smaller bezel I believe.

    Strongly recommend against getting the D6000 or any dock. Used to deal with these regularly in IT support. They break somewhat easily. I would never get one off Gumtree as it's so easy to abuse the USB C cables. Now that you're here and planning, the way is definitely to get the dock integrated into the monitor. It's awesome!

    Seeing your other comment, don't discount connecting the hub on the second monitor. If you can route the cable nicely it's a benefit to be able to plug stuff in to the side of your second monitor. Temporary headset connection or whatever.

    So a firm vote here for option 1. And yeah just setup those search alerts, it won't take long.

    • Grumbles, that is invaluable feedback mate, thank you. Comments re: dock are also very useful.

      I'm trying to conceptualise a way that I can make the P "HC" and "H" monitors set up so that I can also plug in a desktop PC.

      My thinking (if you wouldn't mind commenting):
      - All USB peripherals connected to hub switch
      - To use on laptop, hub switch connected to "HC" USB downstream input, which goes to the upstream USB-C connection to laptop
      - To use on desktop tower, hub switch switches to cable connecting to desktop USB 3.0 input.

      Any issues you can see with using a USB hub switch like this?

      • Since my desktop does not have DisplayPort Desktop Multi-Stream Transport, I can't use plug in via DP to "HC" and take advantage of daisy chain capability. I'd have to directly connect two DP cables to the "HC" and "H" monitors and manually switch the monitors to DP input.
      • Seems like that would work. I have a different setup so can't confirm. I have peripherals plugged in to the monitor, and change out which device is plugged in to the USB C port. Bit of a pain but works for now, and I have the monitor on a swinging arm.

        Your layout avoids anything too whacky with 'hubbing' over USBC so you should be OK. But strange stuff can happen so try not to get too clever!

        For the desktop connection, sounds like you should be able to have DP cable to the HC monitor, and HDMI to the other. Laptop connection is USBC to the HC, and chained DP to the other.
        Auto select seems to be fine with a similar setup I had recently.

  • I've been looking into a similar set up so thanks for creating this post, it has answered all of my questions.

    FYI Mwave also have the P2419HC for $299, under $300 so you can write it off and claim the entire tax deduction this financial year.