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Lebara Medium 180 Day SIM | 120GB | $90 (Was $140) | Unltd Intl Call to 30 Countries, Text to 60 Countries | Stack up to 4 Times


Lebara has tweaked their Medium 180 Day Plan, on offer for November'2020.

  • Data 100 GB (usually 120 GB). Cost $ 99 (down by $61, usually $160)
  • EDIT: Plan has been updated by Lebara: Now Data inclusion is 120 GB. Cost $ 99 $ 90 (Was $ 160 $ 140).
  • Lebara requires you to activate the SIM within 60 days of purchase.

I personally feel this deal beats the Boost 240GB for $240-$245 (various deals here on OzB) due to the higher equal data allowance, and ability to stack plans.If you stack two of these, you get 240GB for $180, possibly the cheapest for a 1 year expiry currently with loads of data. Plus, unused data banks forever, if you recharge before expiry.


  • 120GB Data (20 GB per month)
  • Unlimited National Talk & Text
  • Unlimited International Standard Calls to 30 countries: Argentina, Brazil, Cambodia,Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Puerto Rico, Romania, Singapore, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States, Venezuela, Vietnam, France (Fixed), Taiwan (Fixed)
  • Additional $5 credit each month for International Calls to all other counties not listed above.
  • Unlimited International Standard Text to 60 countries.
  • Vodafone 4G Network


  • Data Banking up to 200GB
  • Data gifting up to 10GB per month
  • Lebara allows stacking of plans up to 24 months, so you could take 2 of these and grab a whopping 240GB for next 360 days for just $180. Or 480GB for the next 720 days for just $360.

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  • Yes, it's Vodafone 4G :)

    • -1

      In that case, like Floptus, NOT EVEN FOR FREE

  • -1

    Lame deal not as good as boost even with the increased price.

    • +6

      Which Boost 180 day deal is better than this?

      • +2

        The network reception one…

      • Boost has 12 months, cheaper and more countries you can call unlimited.

  • +4

    Lebara is Sht compared to boost

  • I like Lebara. Been with them for years. Only need a small plan given I'm close to the 200gb cap for data bank.

    • Agree. Thats what I like about them as well. Boost doens't allow Data Banking or Rollover on their Annual or 6-month plans.

      Coles Mobile offers 50 GB Data Banking / Rollover on their 1 year plans. Not bad I'd say. I see Coles Mobile $150 yearly plan as a huge threat to Boost's (now $200) plan.

      • Yep, wondering if 90aud is the best price I'm going to get on the small plan though, need to recharge by the end of the month.

        • +1

          Yeah, I get it you are kinda "stuck" with the banked data, and so need to continue with Lebara. I was in a similar situation, had loads of Banked data but there was no good offer when my recharge was due.

  • Does VoLTE work on Lebara?

    • +2

      Lebara uses Vodafone and is a prepaid service, so no VoLTE for now.

  • I think this includes data rollover?

    • +1
      • Data Banking up to 200GB

      Yep, Data Banking is Data Rollover as well for Lebara. Your Data Bank stays active if you recharge by the last date of your current plan. If I'm not wrong, they allow a certain grace period as well to retain your data bank, I think 14 days. If you recharge within that period with any plan, as less as the $14.90 small plan, you still get the full banked data for further use.

  • Can this be used as a recharge?

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