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25% off and Free Delivery at DoorDash (New Users)


Seems DoorDash is running another new promo. Created a new account and got given 25% off and free delivery!

If you don't know them, same as UberEATS, Menulog etc. Except they charge a LOT less to restaurants. Our local Indian said UberEATS were 35%, Menulog costs them like 45% because of all added fees and DoorDash were 25% and asked us to use them.

I found their customer service pretty shit, but if you're persistent they give back a lot. I got a full refund (costs DoorDash, not the restaurant) for a meal as they missed one item and was late. So just know if something goes wrong, service is average.

That said, used it >200 times now and issues are rare (Melbourne).

A friend in Adelaide said they have a promo with Zambrero for a buy one $15 burrito get one free but can't see it here.

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  • 25% off the first delivery or for how long?

  • Beware of this service. I've had lots of failed orders, and they also don't ask for the consent of all the restaurants that they display as available. It's less an online ordering service and more a "somebody else buys your food with your money and might drive it to you"

    • Agreed. I find DoorDash to be the worst of the food providers.

      I've had customer service assure me I will receive a follow up only for nothing to happen.

      I've been told an internal decision had been made not to provide me a refund yet was not contacted about this. They admitted as such when I followed up again.

      Not a fan.

    • Ditto. Tried it the other night for the first time, waited about 40 mins only to be notified my order was cancelled. Very strange experience as it all looked good up until then (restaurant received the order, driver on the way, then attended restaurant for ages only for it to be cancelled).

  • Would this stack with a referral bonus?

  • Order got cancelled.. Nice they took my money and ran, bastards

  • store2door for $15 off a 30 spend and free delivery for new users. pretty fkn easy to make new accounts

  • Used it last night for first time, no issues in Adelaide, quick delivery.

  • where do you enter code NOV25AU in app or website cant find it?

  • i worked it out it appears during check out. though code works but costs more so the 15$ refferral credit is best.