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Nvidia RTX 30 Series Update

The Nvidia 30 Series has been one of the most popular releases in some time. There has been a lot of hype and it has driven significant demand at a time where the supply chain is already experiencing delays. After more than 20 years in business, we have formed strong relationships with all of our suppliers and normally we would work with them to secure sufficient stock to meet demand. Unfortunately, there is nothing normal about the challenges we are now faced with.

Ever since the first batch of 3080’s was released, we have received weekly deliveries from our suppliers however the quantity of stock we receive is unpredictable.

We are working with our suppliers to ensure our orders are fulfilled, however, all retailers are attempting to do the same. To ensure this remains fair, our suppliers divide the available stock equally amongst all retailers. This means that while we do receive consistent deliveries of stock, the quantity is irregular and providing an ETA becomes impossible.

If you are hoping to secure yourself a 30 Series card, we recommend checking our website to confirm if it’s in stock or placing a pre-order if the particular card you are after is not available. All stock that we do receive is being assigned to orders as they come in. Once you place an order and your payment is received, you will secure a position in the queue.

We understand how eager everyone is to receive their order so we have worked with our suppliers to share as much information as possible. You can see the list here. This list will continue to be updated when there is information available. While every effort will be made to ensure this list remains accurate, all information is subject to change with little or no notice from our suppliers.


I have already preordered one type of card. Can I change to a different type and retain my position in the queue?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. As every card has a different queue, there is no way to fairly put you ahead of another order.

What if I choose to cancel my preorder?

If you decide to cancel your order, our team will be able to assist you in processing a full refund. Keep in mind that should you change your mind and decide to re-order, you will be placed at the back of the queue.

Can you tell me what position I am in the queue?

Unfortunately, our Customer Service Team do not have access to this information. Once payment has been received, you are automatically assigned the next position in the queue. You will hold this position until your order is filled or you choose to modify or cancel your order.

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  • Ordered an in-stock monitor, 2 whole business days later, still not ready.
    Speed of service have gone down the cliff
    even with covid, taking one monitor from warehouse several metres to the front of the shop doesnt take 2 days

    • Is this a parody? I can't tell. How desperate are you for a monitor that this is a cause for complaint. If it's that super urgent, you should have rocked up to the store rather than order online.

      Limited staff + influx of online orders means that there would be delays across the board in processing and preparing orders.

      • If it's that super urgent, you should have rocked up to the store rather than order online.

        They had a giant banner saying 'do not come to our store unless your order is ready to collect'
        The item was close to $1000 and I got it significantly cheaper at Amazon few days later so it really was Umart's loss if they can't get their sh*t together for items with decent profit margin.
        Umart's usual turnaround before COVID was 1 hour or less. For me, one key reason for buying from B&M stores, Officeworks and so on is for in-stock items that people can collect ASAP.

        • Umart's usual turnaround before COVID was 1 hour or less

          Keyword there: before.

          Impatience seems to be a common theme for many these days. Probably best to stick with Amazon if that's the case for yourself.

    • I completely agree. 2 days with no movement is crap service these days.