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Free Training - Comptia IT Fundamentals (ITF+) + Free Extras (Retails for $1500)


Free training with some extras including exam voucher

From website
The CompTIA ANZ Business Technology Community is offering you the chance to start a career in ICT, FREE! We invite scholars, students, career changers, moms returning to work, retirees and anyone with an interest in IT to take up our FREE offer to get CompTIA certified in IT Fundamentals.

The offer is valued at more than $1500 and includes:
The Official CompTIA Self-Study eBook
ITProTV Video Course
CompTIA IT Fundamentals Exam Voucher
FREE virtual workshop offered through CompTIA Partners Cybertrain and DDLS during November and December!

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    The course was suggested by a mate long ago, thank OP for sharing.

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      compTIA is well known in the industry. i've jumped on board, and hopefully get a chance to do the exam.

      cheers OP

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        Well known in industry for being the "basic". If you are young and just started IT, its good fundamentals but don't expect to get a job by flashing that you have comptia+ certs.

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          I'm already in the industry, and have been for 5 years.
          things are quiet atm, and a free cert is a free cert - even if it is just "basic" knowledge, it always looks good on linkedin to validate your knowledge

        • What would you consider as a security cert that is worth flashing?

          Just about to finish a grad cert in cyber and need some industry certs I think.

  • Seems like this is a scam.

    No way to actually ENROL in this course!

    Some salesperson calls you and upsells you other courses!

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      phone number was optional

      • True.

        However, email is not optional.

        Be prepared for spam emails, people!

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    Just signed up and then got this message

    Congratulations on taking the first step towards a career in ICT with CompTIA IT Fundamentals (ITF+)!
    A CompTIA Representative will follow- up with you in 5-7 business days with the coupon code for the voucher and eBook.

    Not quite sure what this means, I didn't put my mobile in either and used a secondary email.
    Will see what happens I guess

    • Deal page says you get,
      The Official CompTIA Self-Study eBook
      ITProTV Video Course
      CompTIA IT Fundamentals Exam Voucher
      FREE virtual workshop offered through CompTIA Partners Cybertrain and DDLS during November and December!

      So its self-study. Does anyone know how this compares with Cisco networking essentials?

      • I am happy to self study, looks like you need to wait for the rep to give you access to the materials.
        I thought you could just sign up and start studying today

      • Cisco specific Network stuffs(TCP/IP, Routing table), this one is a General IT course, more like a Catalog and Cisco is like one of the Chapter.

  • I have been in ICT for 15 years and have registered, interested to see how these courses are, i'll probs fail the exam….

  • is this legit? the website doesn't even load properly

  • +1

    I have checked example questions for the exam. This is the easiest possible exam for anyone who have used computers for at least 2 to 5 years. Even casual users could pass it. It cost 120$ for this basic level? Don't take competia exams if you can't benefit from them.

    • Looked up some of the questions, would probably rather pay for the A+ exams in terms of being useful.

  • Anyone actually got access to this yet??? Anyone Enrolled yet???

  • Is there another course on how to sign up for this course since the discourse suggest it's hard to sign up to this course?

  • sclarve came through! Received the exam voucher and eBook today

    • same here just got it too. I was very confused because i forgot i applied haha.

    • nice. I signed my son up. Ill get him to check emails.

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    Anyone know if it is possible to get the materials and the voucher separately using the same coupon?

    The reason I ask is that once you "purchase" the Exam voucher, you have 1 year to use it. I'm unlikely to get a look at the materials for sometime so would like to put it off as late as possible.

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      It seems like the coupon they provide is generic and one code for each Item (one for exam, one for ebook). Check the expiry date and you might be able to do so

  • Is the exam and certificate free if you use the voucher?

    • Yes.You got a free ebook too

  • Have anyone redeemed the voucher code successfully?
    I've got both ITFAUS-1 and ITFAUS-2 as invalid.

    • I've got the same problem.Neither code works for me too.

      • I have used the same code and it worked fine. I purchased mine on 11/11/2020

    • Same here, codes didnt work for me. Approached Comptia support and awaiting response.

      • Try creating an account and logging in before you try to use the codes. I had the same issue but it worked for me when I was logged in!

    • You have to copy and paste for it to work for some reason from the pdf which it was given. When I tried typing the code it didn't work but copy and pasting it worked.

  • I got my ITF+ Cert. Thanks OP!

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