Anytime Fitness 30 Day Notice

Stopped going to the Gym for the last 4 months after they started up again (probably stopped in Feb?).

They wont let me freeze the membership, so have to cancel as i dont feel safe going back. They said 30 days notice needed to be given.

Do you think just accept it or fight in considering i would still be going if there was no covid.

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Anytime Fitness
Anytime Fitness


  • What does your contract say?

  • You would have had a better case when they were all shut down. Your argument is weaker now that it is reopened (and has been for some time).

    As seems to be the way of the world these days, you can always put on a show and they might give you a free kick. But if you're asking what your rights/obligations are (noting these actually go together), then check your contract, but the probabilities are 30 days' notice as you've been informed.

  • Always read your contract before signing. If you don't like the 30 day notice, cross it out and get them to accept that

  • Contract says 30 days. Not one to make a fuss will just pay it out.

  • It's in the contract, cop it and move on unfortunately.

  • It is common that you have to give 30 days notice to stop gym membership. Gyms don't just look after one person, they need time to process forms, also banks also need notice to take you off from auto deduct payment. However, you should refer to your contract which will stipulate how much notice you have to give. Also, don't be a paranoid. Gyms are safe as long as you practice social distancing and wipe equipment before and after. If you use weights, you can buy cotton gloves from ebay or Amazon so that you don't have to worry getting germs from surfaces. I been going to the gym and attend classes since gyms re-open. I am still here. So far, only that gym in the Sydney CBD(City Tattersalls Fitness Centre) became a CONVID cluster. Other gyms like Fitness First Rockdale or Fitness First Carlingford had someone positive visited there but no further cases. Just go back to the gym and enjoy life. Exercise makes you feel better. I don't know other gym but Fitness First check temperature when you walk in. There is hand sanitiser and wipes everywhere in the gyms. We have to book for classes and class size is limited. Only every second or third machines are used so I feel quite safe. Also, if you can, try to avoid peak hours so you don't have to fight for machines. Don't let CONVID beat you.

    • Transmission indoors is usually from virus build up in the air as people breathe, not from touching surfaces (and in the gym, the moist air from people sweating and breathing hard means it will build up even faster and stick around longer). That's why you're allowed more people gathered together outdoors than indoors. Wiping equipment and cotton gloves won't help.

  • Sue them into bankruptcy

  • I go to Anytime Fitness and they have hand sanitizers at the front and physical distancing is highly requested plus frequent cleaning. You can also go when there is less people if you don't like working out with other people around.