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50% off Oakley ARO5 Helmet $164.98 Delivered @ Oakley


Was looking to upgrade my helmet for the upcoming cycling season and found these at half off, other colours / styles available (I think 4 colours available). It has that awesome MIPS safety technology built in. Note that even earlier model the ARO3 can be had for more money so this updated version is a no-brainer. My personal choice is the black & red =)

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  • Just bought a Giro Synthe Mips otherwise i'd jump on this

    • I'm upgrading from a Synthe (non-MIPS) - I think this style is much nicer!

    • Me too, Synthe is comfy, chinstrap is a drama to size

    • Did you get a good deal on it somewhere? Prefer the look of the synthe. If the aro3 in matte black was on sale, I'd go for that, otherwise the Oakley Branding is a bit strong.

      • One of the eBay 15% off codes I found one on the Pushys eBay shop, cant remember the price but it was already reduced and I stacked the 15% off code.

    • I've had one of those for about a year, light comfortable and cool. People need to try on all of them to see which suits

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    O for "Oh f***, how much?

  • Just note that the ARO3 is not an earlier version, just a different option. ARO3 is more ventilated, ARO5 is more aero. That said, some ARO3 colours look to be similar price (though only 30% off instead of 50%).

  • The more neutral colours are 40% off.

  • what';s with oakley helmets vs giro? just the brand?

    i just buy helmets with mips.

  • I've read some reviews that the sizing on these runs a little small so if you're close to the top end of the size bracket maybe give this a miss?

    • I'd disagree with those reviews. It doesn't run small based on other road helmets I've used. I've still got a couple other road cycling helmets around and the ARO5 is right on par with the same size in the Bontrager XXX and Specialized Align II. Many helmets these days have variable sizing too so there's quite a lot of adjustment within each size (S, M, L etc).

      • Yeah I was wondering that. I need to replace my kask which is a medium but I'm not sure if I just order a medium here. Such a good deal.

        • Best off actually measuring your head mate. I got my 11 year old daughter a new bike and her old kids helmet was a bit tight so I thought I'd upgrade it to a small ladies helmet. When I actually measured her head, I discovered that she was just over the small variable size range (as per Specialized's sizing) so I got her a medium in the Align II which isn't women's specific. Blew me away as I just assumed she'd be a small in womens, not creep into a medium variable mens/unisex helmet. She doesn't look like she has a larger than average head but I guess at 169cm, at 11 she's already taller than some women.

    • This is true, I bought an aro 5 in their largest size, dosent sit down on my head at all, even with the sizing opened up to the max.
      Was just sitting on my head like a kippah. Had to return it
      Currently have a kask protone and bell stratus, which both fit much better in their large size. And way more comfortable.
      If you usually run in the large size of helmets, I would refrain from getting it.

  • No mesh on the front vents - hello bee stings on the noggin!

  • This ladybug 🐞 design is going to attract more swooping magpies isn't it…

  • Good price, I can't risk buying a helmet online though, I tried on a whole bunch in the bike shop to find the one I liked and the different makes and models of helmets felt wildly different on my head. I settled for a POC Spin which fitted my noggin like it was tailor-made.

  • Great helmet - I've had one for the 1.5 years and I love it. Highly recommended. I also wouldn't listen to reviews that infer that it has poor airflow and is hot too seriously - this isn't the case, even when riding in hot Brisbane summers. It's no hotter then three of the other road cycling helmets I've used.

    ARO3 is definitely the cheaper and lower model in the range. ARO5 is superior but has less ventilation but as per above, it's not an issue.

    The ARO7 is a TT helmet so not really comparable.

  • I'm using a $5 Melbourne Bike Share helmet… actually much more comfortable than my $300 Gyro. Both meet the same safety standards. Question, should I stop being so cheap and upgrade to a MIPS like this one?

    • 99 bikes had a mips lazer blade for less than $100 a year or so back ($60 from memory)

    • Seen some big crashes and those rides shares helmets are like cardboard! Spend the money!

    • mate, would you put on someone's sweaty underpants? Ride share helmet, would you put that on your head?

    • The Specialized Align II looks great, is comfortable and MIPS equipped. All for under $100 direct from Specialized Australia's website.

  • Thank you OP. Bought one after a bloody magpie poked a couple of holes into my Kask!

  • Thanks OP, bought one and threw in a half price pair of cycling gloves. Not stoked about the 25 November estimated delivery date, but hopefully they'll exceed expectations there!

  • Thanks OP, just ordered the white one.

    • You paid more than I did, but I'm just really glad that you got one at such a discount. I'm just lucky that black/red happens to be my theme

  • I still have my rose bank stack hat . And does the job fine Thanks, that’s an absolute rip off! 🙅‍♂️

    • You’re suppose to replace your helmet every few years.

    • Might be OK for you, no good for somebody doing the 3 peaks challenge, around the bay or any of the other 200 km day mass participation events or anybody that rides competitively.

  • Can someone tell me what the difference is between this helmet and ones you can get for ~$30 that also meets AU standards?

    • Comfort, adjustability, aerodynamics that reduce your coeficient of drag, the MIPS safety system to help protect your brain in a fall. None of these features are probably worth the cost for a casual cyclist but if you are a competitive rider and do long distance or daily rides some of these features are worth something. I remember a particular 'around the bay in a day' ride in Melbourne where 3-4 hours into an 8 hour day in the saddle a part of the helmet that had a slight pressure spot, something I barely noticed on a short 2 hour ride started to become a splitting headache, at the 8 hour mark I was ready to pay whatever it took for a better helmet.

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        I've also wondered if the AU standard is a "gold standard" or just a minimum requirement, like how a 25Mbps connection meets the Telecommunication Act's definition of "superfast broadband".

        If a helmet can provide more protection than the bare minimum AU standard, that would be a good thing.

        • The AU standard is actually overly strict. It's basically the EU standard with a few extra tests added on, but those tests aren't actually useful with modern helmet designs - they're just throwbacks to when all helmets were like stackhats.

          • @damion:

            The AU standard is actually overly strict.

            That's good, but is it a "gold standard" or just a minimum requirement? e.g. would a helmet with MIPS provide better protection compared to a $5 bike share helmet that passes the AU standard?

            My current helmet doesn't have MIPS and I've always wondered how effective it really is. Everyone seems to be in support of it, so that's reassuring. Or just good marketing. :)

            • @eug: This is the only independent group doing bike helmet ratings, and according to their results, MIPS vs no-MIPS is a no-brainer:

              • @damion:

                This is the only independent group doing bike helmet ratings, and according to their results, MIPS vs no-MIPS

                What I found interesting was that there are a number of non-MIPS helmets that rated higher than some MIPS helmets. So it looks like good design can be better than MIPS.

                In any case, the Specialized Align II is a MIPS helmet that scored really well and only cost $90, so I'll probably get that when it comes time to replace my helmet, which is pretty soon.

                is a no-brainer:

                In this case, it'd be a brainer. Ha ha ha ok sorry I'll find my own way out.

      • Aerodynamics? Ok. I’m sure it really the drag created by the rest of your body too.

        • Like I said, probably not worth it for a casual cyclist. Competitive cyclists would wear tight expensive aerodynamic clothes, ride a bike that has been optimised for aerodynamics with wheels that have also been optimised, handlebars and maybe even shoes that have all been designed to slice through the air. Professionals spend time in a wind tunnel working on their riding position on the bike to minimise drag. In that context the wrong helmet can be a major source of drag.

    • Comfort and overall fit. I usually get kids helmets form kmart for my kids, but about a year ago Pushy's was clearing some Sugo helmets at a ridiculous price, so got them for all the family. The overall fit of the helmets is night and day. The kmart ones always looked like they never fit well and were going to fall off. The Sugo just fit really, really well and you can see where the extra costs make a far better helmet. YMMV but it was worth getting the more expensive helmets in my opinion.

    • Heres a description of the MIPS system is https://mipsprotection.com/

  • The sizings do run smaller in the larger sizes, because of the overlap in comparison to other brands e.g. Giro. Here are the Giro sizings:
    S 51 - 55cm
    M 55 - 59cm
    L 59 - 63cm

    And here is the Oakley for the ARO3
    S (52-56cm)
    M (54-58cm)
    L (56-60cm)

    They both have 4cm adjustment within sizes and the Oakley actually starts larger, but the Oakley overlaps by 2cm in each sizing, and so has a lower top sizing.

    The best thing to do is measure your head and pick the sizing, don't just go with a M if you're a M in Giro. For example, I've got a 58 cm head, so I am an M in Giro (of which I have 2 helmets), but I'm considering this deal and would be looking at a large (to leave some adjustment for cycling cap/sweatband that I wear).

    • Wish I read this before, just got my medium ARO5 today.
      I thought it would be the same as my medium Giro Synthe.
      Its way too small for my head and will be returning it.

  • ordered thanks.
    I guess I value my life more than $$. also I ride every 2nd day so its about $1 per ride for the first year and free for the rest of helmet lifetime
    Time to sell my Kask

  • after a bit of Google searching, I settled for a Specialized Align II (MIPS) which is $90AUD (if you sign up for the emailing list at Specialized you get a $10 coupon making it $80).

    Have a look at Virginia Tech University helmet ratings, the Align II is rated a full five stars and its competitor both one better and one worse is 3x the cost. https://www.helmet.beam.vt.edu/bicycle-helmet-ratings.html

    • Looks like the Align II is sold out on the Specialized website? I can't seem to find it there. :(

  • Has anyone received their helmets yet?

  • How many helmets is too many helmets? Asking for a friend… (ooh, the temptation of new bike gear)

  • Just got the grey + 14% cash back from cash rewards

  • Well, their logistics and shipping really are bad!
    After Toll lost my first parcel (gloves) for 4 weeks, and Oakley issued refund, it spontaneously got delivered this week.
    I keep checking tracking for my second order (helmet) and no status in Toll. Magically it turns up today! tracking number on parcel is middle portion of tracking number in Oakley email.
    I'm surprised 2 large companies can do this badly.

    • Yeah, I just found that out. I've been hitting refresh on my order and it keeps saying that Toll doesn't have a record of it after 4 days, even though the Oakley email said it had shipped. I emailed Oakley customer service and to their credit they replied within an hour, giving me the right number, which as mentioned is the middle of the number they gave me. The number they gave me was of the format T455213AVTL3924560010 but it turns out that the real number to put into the toll website is from the "A" onwards, but removing the 0010 at the end, so my actual number was something like AVTL392456 (which isn't the real number incase you were wondering).

      • Which is pretty strange, considering the email for my first order did contain the correct tracking number, but tracking showed it went to the depot then disappeared….