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Win a Share of Over $7,158,000 Worth of Alcohol/Merchandise/Experience/Discount/etc Prizes from BWS



Closing Date 06/02/2021


Description See T&Cs.
No. of Prizes 1897157

Entry Requirements

Entry Limit Once per day
Entry Methods App
Prerequisites n/a

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  • +2

    This again.. Last time got a couple of free drinks but most of the prices are "discounts" on overpriced individual stubbies/cans.

    Just 'won' a stubbie for $3 ๐Ÿ’ต๐Ÿ’ต๐Ÿบ

    • nice one….free piss

  • +3

    got 'sonofabeach' message (ie. nothing)

  • No "free products" available to win in NSW, probably due to some legislation in this nanny state.
    Not sure if I'll bother much this year as there were mainly only deductions on expensive, unpopular beers last time.

    • You can win a few non-alcoholic stuff but yeah nanny state regulation is retarded.

      • -2

        I'm so excited to win a free 1.5L bottle of Coca-Cola lmao.
        As for their "merchandise" I think I'd prefer a worthy product discount tbh.

        • So many whingers about free stuff , don't like it don't do it simple

          • -1

            @adamcash: I'm so happy this moved you so much to make your third ever comment here.
            Although "missed out" and "any good" don't really count so it could even be your first proper comment and I'd forgive you for not knowing how to act.

          • @adamcash: adamcash, well said!

  • +3

    Won mechanise last night and drinks tonight ๐Ÿ‘

  • The cooler isn't appearing on my existing account. Is anyone else having this problem?

    I created a new account and it works fine…

  • +4

    Yesterday - $3 off wine, and nothing on 2nd account
    Today - Free Somersby Sparkling Rose 330ml, and $3 off Asahi

    Again, as with last comp, on Android (or just Samsung Android), use "Secure Folder" to run a second account easily

    • +1

      Free Sailor Jerry 375ml

  • +9

    Nothing 3 days in a row. Pissed off now. Last year was better.

  • +3

    Before this started I saw an employee over at facebook say that it would be better than last years. But I'm getting a lot of empty boxes, and I don't recall having those last year. Even if it was a stupid discount, there was still something.

  • +1

    Won a 4 pk of Capi dry tonic and 3 yak dollars.

    • +1

      Unfortunately I also won a 4 pk of tonic but itโ€™s only a single when you claim it

      • I noticed that when you add it to the cart it charges you $8. I couldnt work out how to redeem it.

        • If you change it to a single bottle it will show up as a zero charge
          Do this after itโ€™s added to cart.

        • I have same issue. Doesn't seem to work

  • +1

    Won a hat , son won a coke , wife won can of Jim beam today ๐Ÿ‘

    • +3


      • ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ‘

  • Only won 1 drink between 2 of us. Last time I was getting lucky right at midnight, doesn't seem to be the case this time. Anyone want to share their tricks?

  • +2

    5 days in a row with nothing.

  • Won Jim beam white double serve not even stocked in WA

    Seems the prize pool is faulty again !

    • i dont think you can even gift them to someone in another state because you need to show ID on pickup unless there is an option to make notes in the cart that someone else is collecting for you

      • Yes you can opt for someone else to pick up on your behalf did it last time when I won products that were not stocked in WA . Will probably do the same this time ๐Ÿ‘

        • Did you manage to find a store that stocked it? I have won the same thing in QLD and not stocked anywhere near me, not stocked anywhere near family in western Sydney either

  • Wow thought I would post another groups data so far. With over 180 attempts at the cooler they have collectively won nothing but discounts on items, no freebies yet. The group is in Qld.

    I was hoping for the free red rooster food but I've got nothing yet

    • Another set of data from the group I'm running (Mostly VIC, some NSW): 1.2k attempts, 52 freebies, 5 $10 discounts, a neoprene bottle bolder and a red rooster Rippa Roll. Most common prize is the $3 Jetty Road Brewery Bucks at 19. Oddly enough there have been 2x the freebies today and yesterday as there have been since it started, not sure why.

      Less big ticket items than last year, but early days still

      • Whoa - 1200 attempts. How'd you do it?

        • Up to about 1.6k now. I run a group at work with a few hundred people typing in what/if they've won each day, obviously biased towards winning as some people can't be assed typing in if they got nothing. Basically so people can trade stuff between themselves and mark down what's still available, as well as just having interesting data.

  • Still winning Jim Beam double white not stocked in WA

    Definitely not as good as last year

    • +1

      So I reached out to bws in regards to jb double serve being not available they've given me an $8.80 voucher code.. Nice.

      • Cool how did you contact them ๐Ÿ‘

        • +1

          Through their website, only easy way I could find

    • +1

      I got my first 'win' and it was a Jim Beam double white which I can't find stocked anywhere in QLD either haha

      • Now have 2x of the Jim Beam double white. If it is in stock in your area send me a PM and I can order it for you. Or even better if you have something to swap it for.

  • Tried many times and keep winning discounts on items, won a free lager today.

  • Same as everyone. Last year I got so many free cans and stubbies. This year nothing.

  • Family of four been winning average of I free drink a night
    Trying different times doesnโ€™t seem to help
    Only thing I find if the esky takes a bit to load you will generally win a prize
    even if itโ€™s a worthless discount

    Anyone find any interesting glitches

    Ps won 200 everyday rewards today was notified via email from the esky giveaway
    The other day

  • 14 days in a row with nothing but โ€˜sunofabeachโ€™ message.

    • Definitely not as good as last year just had 3 days of worthless discounts
      Family of 4

  • +1

    Those using the Secure Folder function to run a second account… Have you noticed that your streak doesn't increase?

    Mine won't go past 9/10

  • +1

    I have a few free cans now. But the Jetty road cans dont register as free at checkout. I wonder if it is because they sell for $5.50 apparently, but on the prize list, it says they are worth $5

    • +1

      They gave me a $5.50 coupon to use instead. Hope to get a few more of them now! Father won a Jim Beam Bluetooth speaker the other day. He was happy with that!

      • How did you contact them?

        • Just got another one again. Total $11 total coupon. Just go to bws website and contact form and send the message.

          • @MrCAMEL: Thanks. I have Jim Beam White double serve cans but it says not available, tried many stores to no avail. Logged a case now as you e suggested. Cheers

  • +1

    Won a Jim Beam Bluetooth speaker today. First time I've won anything but wine bucks. Nice surprise

  • I won a Bombay gin double shot can. I can't seem to find it in their online store but I add it to cart and try to checkout, it says min order of $0.01 not met. It says free can though…

  • +1

    Looks like most if not all the free drinks are broken now. Household has won a few different drinks and they either stay at full price when redeemed or say your order cant be below $0.01 when you go to checkout. We were able to redeem at the start. Has anyone been able to redeem a free drink in the last few days?

    • Nope the exact same in my group. Looks like they changed something in the last week or so, new prizes and all the old ones are gone. Been getting all new drinks but unable to redeem any of them.

      Bombay Gin double shot: Needs to meet $0.01 min order
      Smirnoff Seltzer: Doesn't discount at all
      Magners 600ml: Needs to meet $0.01 min order
      Tonic Water: Needs to meet $0.01 min order

      • Yeah, seems like they have messed something up! The brand bucks still seem to work for now…

      • +2

        The smirnoff one seems to be fixed now. I was just able to order it. Unsure about the others.

        • Thanks for the update, looks like my local is OOS now haha. Will have to keep an eye on it to try and snag one.

    • Exactly, cannot redeem a bunch of drinks. However, today was able to get a Magnus cider. Definitely broken.

  • +1

    Not really much on offer keep winning $10 off selected drinks (wine,beers ,premix)
    Now have 7bottles of sangria free from this weeks $10 off wine prizes
    4 family accounts

  • I think you have to use the free drinks almost straight away otherwise they stop working.
    Got a seltzer thing the other day. I ordered and when I picked it up with a 4 pack of seltzers using the $10 coupon down to 45 cents, they said they didn't have the flavour, so they gave me two for free instead. 6 seltzers for 45 cents. Not sure what they are, but I'm sure they will be nice cold.

    I know I'm just here for a few free cans, but this company could basically justify not giving away any of the major expensive prizes by saying we didn't get enough people swiping, so the prizes didn't come up! I mean, I think they would need over 70000 people playing every single day for 100 days to actually give away the prizes on offer.
    That's why I don't feel bad or that it's a waste of time to ask them for a coupon for their broken free drinks. The coupons stack and we've got a total of $42 of coupons from broken drinks. Pretty nice.

    • What coupon was the $10 for? As in the category it assigns. I thought they were all worthless, 45c is pretty good for 4x pack haha

      • It was for RTD spirits. The bws here had a 4 pack on special for $11. Add the MUSTBENICE code, it takes 5% off the price before coupon , and it comes to 45c a 4 pack.

        • Ahh nice, my cheapest RTD is $17 for a 4x of liberty coast. mumbles in QLD

  • Won a Magnus cider this morning, but unable to checkout as it says the order must be above 1c. I'd won some freebies before and was able to claim those without this condition.

    • Try deleting and reinstalling the app. This fixed the drinks that werent going to $0 in the cart for me. I'm not sure if it fixed the ones that say you need to be above 1c as I only have the Magnus one and there is no stock near me.

      • Thanks, I'll give it a go.

  • Been getting some half decent prizes, around 7 free drinks and some of the discounts are pretty good. Been getting some $10 off selected beers/wines. 6pack of Chang beer on special for $17, after discount that's a pretty good $7/6pack! Also got an $11 bottle of wine for $1. Have redeemed a few discounts on products that I was going to buy anyway. A shame you can't get Cashback as it has to be purchased through the bws app.

  • +2

    Won a wine cooler bag today. Also won 3 X $10 wine voucher so got 3 bottles of red wine free .๐Ÿ˜Š

  • +4

    Finally went to claim some of the prizes and put in an order for $0. Something glitched and when I went to pickup the order wasn't processed. They had to call HQ and not only did I get the free order but they compensated me another $10 of credit. Ha.

  • +2

    Won a neoprene double bottle holder. At least I won something?

    • I got one of them too. They say it is worth $50. If it was 20 cents I don't think I would buy it. Very, very slim pickings since the last pool opened up.

  • I got a $3 off voucher I assume for alcohol. I won't even mark myself as a winner.

    I'd prefer something tangible like a bottle holder, etc. Let's see if I can get one before the comp ends.

  • Actually won something I can use. A Bentspoke Crankshaft t-shirt, basically a black t-shirt.

  • Won a Dean & Monroe Sarong last week..

    Received it today.. The pattern is pretty but the width is just a little more than a Table Runner…

    • +1

      I got this sarong thing delivered today. I didn't know what a sarong was. So when it arrived, I looked at it. Still didn't know what a sarong was. So I checked Google and saw some pictures and look at my sarong and still have no idea what it can be used. It's really just a slightly oversized hankerchief.

      • Hahaha.. yess… i totally agree with you on the "slightly oversized handkerchief"… ๐Ÿ˜‚

        Sarongs pretty much work as a wrap-around (your waist) for when you go to the beach.. but this one is way too narrow and tiny to be of any use..

        • +2

          I "won" another one of these stupid hanky things. Haha

          • @MrCAMEL: Hahaha… Stitch the 2 together and you MAY end up with 1 that is actually usable! Lol.. ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • +1

    I won a neoprene wine bottle bag/holder

  • +1

    My cooler isn't opening today, technical issues or perhaps finished a week earlier?
    Haven't won anything noteworthy since ~Christmas

    • Working now

      • Mine isn't showing up now.

        • They just put up a banner it chooses today at 1159 and no option to swipe any cooler

          • @knobbs: Got the same message!

            • @AbbyL: Just click on that banner then you will get to the normal play.

          • @knobbs: Hmm I was able to swipe today, won a whopping $3 off cider ๐Ÿ™„
            Bit disappointing this year for sure

  • This bloody thing is a scam. I won โ€˜bucksโ€™ which I try to apply to an eligible product but at the cart it still charges me full price!

  • +1

    Ended up with a free bottle of Prosecco, a couple of free single drinks and some decent discounts on beer (e.g. $7 for a 6-pack). Overall came out slightly better than I did last year.

  • Lots of beer and wine bucks, 1 can red bull and a free beer and cider.

    Happy with my stash

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