Suggestions for Treadmill under $1000

Wifey wants to get a treadmill.
She says automatic inclination and easy storage are important.
I have no clue about treadmills.
Please share your suggestions about treadmills between $500 to $1000
Thank you.


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    run outside

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      She wants to use a treadmill for the convenience factor.

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        Agree it’s pretty inconvenient when they move the path you ran on yesterday and you have to stop and wait for them to reinstall.


        Does she run at all? Sounds like a "I'll use the treadmill, I promise", and then it stays stored away with it's easy storage capabilities.

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      No incline on these.
      Much easier to store than a standard treadmill though.

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    Gumtree or FBM

    Plenty of folk who were in a similar situation to you 12 months ago are now offloading their unused treadmills. Negotiate hard and pick up a bargain.

    In 12 months time let the cycle continue.


      Treadmills are basically worthless. Check out the second hand ones which sell for almost nothing.


    If you could stretch your budget to $1.5k costco has some decent ones.. (we bought a proform a little while back - made by same company as Nordictrack)


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    This + KFC deals.

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    Checkout here, these may help. Not sure how reliable they were


    Less than $10 treadmill.

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    I've seen 4 or 5 treadmills out for hard rubbish in the last few days. I imagine they were in your price range when new.

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    You can buy mine.. Bought it 4 years ago and haven't used it for more than 20 times. Haha

    Jokes a side, my mrs also wanted it and she hardly used it. We both walk outside now


    Just wait for a few weeks. Gyms (in Melbourne) are reopening, and people will be offloading their iso equipment.


    I'd consider an elliptical instead.

    It's easier on the knees compared to the treadmill over time.