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Lagavulin 16 Year Old Scotch Whisky 700ml $95 C&C (Or + Delivery) @ First Choice Liquor


Greetings everyone, First Choice have a great price on this whisky and this can be combined with 20% cashback today to make it awesome :)

$95 after using the coupon "TAKETEN" and then combined with 20% Cashback @ Cashrewards this will bring it out to $75.91 by my calculations after cashback. Seems like a great price on this bottle. Expired.

As always, enjoy :)

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First Choice Liquor

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  • YUM!

  • +1

    My fav ! Thanks OP

  • Posted this on the main (20% cashback) post but in case anyone is interested:

    Johnnie Walker Green Label - $68 each. Buy 2 = $136. "TAKETEN" = $126. With 20% cashback = $100.8. So that works out to be $50.40 each. Not bad.

    • I just did these figures on two as well! - now to hide the CC from the Mrs.

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        Haha! Remember, it's easier to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission.

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          These are not the words of a married man.

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      Apologies for the miscalculation. 20% cashback is limited to $25. Therefore with 20% cashback = $101. So it actually works out to be $50.50 each.

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        ill send you a bill for the $0.20!

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        Cashback from FirstChoice exclude GST so you are looking at $101.27 for 2 bottles so $50.64 for each.

  • Thanks op

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    OP, my total is $75.91 when including cashback so slightly better than we thought. Thanks!

  • Wow thanks! Was just waiting for restock this

  • Cheers Doweyy. Great price. will pick one up.

  • Always up for a Lagavulin bargain. Thanks for the post

  • Wow the tracking is fast these days. For some reason, CR tracked my purchase as $95.45 so pending cashback is $19.09.

  • I had 20$ in my flybuys, will the cashback be tracked or not by cash rewards?

  • Thanks OP

  • Bought, great deal. Thanks OP.

  • Cracking deal thanks OP, let's hope cashrewards was tracked

  • cheers OP

    how long should the transaction take to show up on CW?

    • It has varied greatly for me in the past, but mine turned up around 3h after ordering and ~30 mins after picking it up. Got the CW tracking even before first choice mailed me the invoice!

  • Thanks OP, even without the 20% cashrewards it seems like good value.

  • Saw this late, but still ordered with just the standard CR rate. Still a good price.

  • Picked up a bottle for a gift. Nice drop apparently.

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