No Discount on Land Rover Discovery in South East Queensland?

I'm in South East Qld., recently I decided to buy Land Rover Discovery Sport MY21.

However all dealerships (South Brisbane, Brisbane CBD, Gold Coast) don't offer any discount at all.

Is that common in this Covid19 situation?


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    Discovery sport

    Ok. It's a Freelander.

    • *cackles in the background* 🤣

  • Ok. It's a Freelander

    With better quality fake leather.

    It's the latest variant with likely limited supply due covid. Why offer a discount when the next day someone will walk into the dealership and happily pay full price.

  • Have you shopped them against each other? Call some Sydney dealers, tell them you're only willing to pay X. Then if they bite take that back to your Qld dealers.

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    Buy from the most local to you, they will be your best friends in the service department.

    • They will be your best friends whoever you buy from. You will not get any actual preferential treatment for buying the car from them unless there's something written down (like a % off rack rates for service, etc.)

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        I just mean its easier for you to get home after dropping it off.

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          after dropping it off.

          after it gets picked up on the flat bed transporter…

  • They may see themselves as prestige and not requiring/wanting discount customers.

    It's like going into a Ferrari dealership and asking them for a discount - it just won't happen. You generally wouldn't be walking in there if you didn't already have the means to afford such a car.

    • I know some rich people that are proper tight wads lol I would negotiate a Ferrari for sure

  • Get a car broker and let them find you the deals.

  • If they aren’t offering discounts they can obviously sell at retail price. Means the vehicle is in demand.

    Can you get extras thrown in?

  • Take that as a sign and buy something else. Whatever you buy will probably be more reliable that the Landrover

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