(Garmin Fenix 6S Solar) Warranty in Australia, Buying from Amazon UK

I noticed this Garmin Fenix 6S Solar on amazon.com.au, it was only $879.02 + $9.96 Delivery (in AUD), no where in Australia can I find one under $1200.
But I also noticed it was shown as "Sold & Ship by Amazon UK"

The watch case style is Silver with Black Band, doesn't seem it is available in Australia. But I quite like that though.

If I ever required support from Garmin Australia, will they support product buying from other country?! Anyone has experienced this issue?

Appreciate any helps!

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    Its a great question, and one I'm curious about msyself.

    As I understand it, it depends on the individual manufacturer's policy (Polar, for example, definitely covers warranties locally, even if purchased overseas (subject to valid proof of purchase etc) - I've done this with a few internationally-purchased Polar products).

    I don't know about Garmin, but looking at Garmin's Consumer Limited Warranty:

    International Purchases: A separate warranty may be provided by international distributors for devices purchased outside the United States depending on the country. If applicable, this warranty is provided by the local in-country distributor and this distributor provides local service for your device. Distributor warranties are only valid in the area of intended distribution.

    So I suspect (but don't know) that you'd be depending on Amazon to cover any warranty issues, rather than Garmin AU?


      Note the one you linked is sold by a third party (Tech Warehouse).


      Yes, that's the same watch but not sold directly by Kogan

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    I had a VA3 replaced after about 14mths. Garmin were great to deal with over the phone. I definitely had to confirm it was an Australian product by way of the proof of purchase.


      Thanks very much for the information. Looks like Australian Garmin Website doesn't have the model I'm looking at on Amazon. So that could be the answer, they won't support oversea stock, or at least the ones which are not sold locally.

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    Note, this seems the be a non-Pro 6S Solar, which is not available in AU. In AU, all Fenix "Solar" models are "Pro Solar", so they include the "Pro" features as well. Whereas this one, which is listed on the UK Garmin site but not the AU site (and thus in a colour not available in AU).

    In short, compared the the "6S Pro Solar" AU version, this one does not include:

    features such as Trendline Popularity Routing, PacePro, ski maps and the ability to preload music.


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    I bought a Fenix 5 plus for my brother in jbhifi and sent it to him in Europe.
    He had an issue with the strap and Garmin UK sent him a new strap.
    Garmin are really good with warranties in my experience.


    Why do they even sell the solar version in the UK?!

    I have the 6S Pro though acquired locally. Liking it so far though probably using it far from its capability. Battery life so far is 2 weeks so not a big deal to charge it compared to a regular watch.

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    Have purchased a Fenix a few series ago from an o/s retailer. Registered the watch on Garmin AU's website/Garmin Connect, and had no issues when I had an issue with the watch when I called up their Australian customer service team.


    I recall looking into this earlier this year, and Garmin have an International Wty on most high end watches.

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    What did Garmin Australia say when you asked them?


      I haven't asked yet. Just looking to buy on Amazon and saw that.