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Been having issues with my TV where it would go into standby mode and wouldn't turn on unless you disconnect the power supply from the TV. Apparently it's a common issue with older model Sony Bravia TVs

Had a third party repair company replace the main motherboard but still had the same issue. Got them to come back out, had the same guy and was told issue might be standby board but claimed Sony will only cover TV panels and motherboard parts. He then advised that he will clear the job off as that issue (Not Fixed) and The Good Guys should follow up in what to do next.

Waited almost a two weeks later and heard no response, called up The Good Guys Concierge team and was they told me the repairers cleared off the ticket saying it was fixed and The Good Guys closed off the job. Had open another case and I requested to get another repairer to look into it, was told they would reach out and go from there.

Waited another week and a bit and heard nothing. Called The Good Guys back and was told the repairer had rejected the case. They re-organised it with the initial repairer and they would call me. Again, didn't hear anyone for almost 2 weeks. Call again and they finally arranged to take my TV off for repairs. Basically opened the case from mid August to get it closed, end of August to open another case and the TV was taken on the 21 September.

Called up the Good Guys on the 10 October for a follow up. They put me on hold while they tried to reach out to repairer on the status, came back and was told they were unreachable and he will call me back in 1-2 business days. Gave then a couple of weeks and see if they would reach out to me, didn't hear anything.

Called back on the 30th October, was told the same thing as previous consultant. I explained them my situation and they told me they would esculate with their one up manager and should hear back in 1-2 business days.

So it's the 6th of November, called them up and they said the same thing. I told them I wanted to speak to their supervisor as I am pretty much been given the run around. After 20 minutes of arguing they said they will send my case to their "quote" team as I brought up their terms and conditions were if the TV is not repaired in a reasonable amount of time (30 days), I would either be issued a new TV or a refund. Was told I would hear back in 1-2 days.

Im not sure if they will call me as I've been doing all the calling. What are my rights? Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated.

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  • I'd personally go directly through Sony, The Good Guys have already made their money and would be putting minimal effort into ensuring this is done quickly. Basically acting as a middle man delaying the process.

    But thats my 2 cents.

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    Call them every single day.

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    Was looking for a tl;dr but given the story I think it's impossible to abbreviate.

    • i just read the first and

      last sentence

  • What is the model number?
    Write a review on productreview, stating the above. You may have Sony liase with TGG and have it repaired by a different agent, that Sony use?

    Then again some service agents have a hopeless tech (or more) in some areas are just useless.

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    How old is this TV? If it's still a reasonable age that fits within that consumer guarantee definition, don't waste your time with the Good Guys and just fight it out with Sony.

    In future, screw the extended warranties. If they throw it in for free, then take it. But don't ever pay for it.

    • Just for future, can you explain why extended warranties arent good?

      • By law, products in Australia already come with a warranty You can seek remedies from the retailer or the manufacturer. Often when you pay for an extended warranty, you're doubling up on what you already have. The one you're paying for separately usually comes with a whole range of caveats too. There could be limits on certain reapirs, limits on the number of times it can be repaired or replaced and you could be dealing with a third party. If you do decide to buy it, read the terms and conditions carefully and understand what you're signing up for. Most won't even be close to what is covered by law. The warranties are just a good way for the retailer to make extra money off you.

  • Go directly to the ACCC & register the issue, then contact Sony again

  • This why I don't bother with an extended warranty. Had the same issue with a printer years ago. Went on forever and finally was given a replacement. By then was a different model.
    Just keep on top of them to hassle the repairer.

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    Thanks everyone

    Ive called The Good Guys Extended Warranty services again and they have finally processed the order and have given me a store credit to put towards a new TV.

    Didn't realise how painful it was to get that sorted…….Whats the point of "Extended Warranty" if they just try and brush you off……