M.2 SSD Drive Screw Threaded Problem

Hi, A simple problem that needs a good tool. The screw holding the m.2 SSD in the HP Elitebook x360 G6 has a threaded head. Has anyone found a good tool to reverse screw these out? I've searched and most reverse screw tools are too big.



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    Usually ifixit will tell you what tools you need. Have you tried ifixit?

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    I'm confused. Can you upload a picture? Do you mean cross threaded or stripped head? If so who installed the drive with such force or wrong sized tool?

    Can you reverse it out slowly using needle nose pliers gripping onto the outside of the screw head?

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    • Yeah, can't forgive the typo in his username.

      I also recommend using the thin-pliers to slowly turn it, to release it. But before you do that, make sure the battery is disconnected, and wait 1 min (overkill ?) for the residual discharge to dissipate. Use gloves and caution. You don't want to stab any components with the pliers or cause a short.

    • Its a strippd head. I tried a number of methods to remove and the head is now mostly gone. I think it was installed too tight or somethething but is was not me. I purchased an open box unit.

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    take a pic and upload it

  • You need a Screw Extractor Kit, i had a similar problem on a notebook, and it worked a charm. Make sure you get the right size though.

    • do you know the source for it?

      • check amazon or your local hardware store.

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    They are only a small Phillips head screw, the same size as found on glasses,
    just get a really small Phillips head screw driver; a picture would be nice thou, if I am wrong

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    Your normal screwdriver + rubber band.

    • Its a good method but failed in this instance thanks anyway

  • Can you cut a slot in it and use a flat blade screw driver?

    Or drill it out?

    • I tried drilling out its really difficult. I need a better drill bit so its kind of a catch 22.

  • From unforgiven's cool post above, reading glasses repair tools. can you ask an optometrist or jeweller?

    • Interesting I'll ask

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