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Viva Paper Towel 12 Pack $12 ($10.80 Delivered with S&S) + Delivery ($0 Prime/ $39) @ Amazon AU


12 Rolls, 60 Sheets per Roll. Also $10.80 delivered when selecting subscribe and save.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Viva Paper Towel 12 Pack $12

    3 for $3 at Coles…

    • $10.80 s+s Amazon

      • +delivery

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      Cheers, I don't need 12. I'll get the 3 pack from Coles

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        I got a 6 pack for $6 last week from Woolies, so that'll do us for the next few months…

      • I'll get the 3 pack from Coles

        Looks like Coles will have them on sale $1.75 for 2, as of Wed.

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          Ah nevermind, I got 3 shortly after I replied.

          I also noticed Aldi have them 3 for $2.99 everyday price too.

          But $1.75 for 2 is the best deal. That's $10.50 for 12 beating this deal's price. You should post it as a deal :)

      • So you'll only ever use three rolls of paper towel and that's it?

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          Correct, that's the life plan

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    6 for $6 at Woolies as well, if you would rather pick them up and not have to dispose of a giant box. If staying at home and disposing boxes is your thing, Amazon is the better deal.

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      yep Amazon boxes consistently take up my recycling bin… they are huge!

      • Told them to recycle it themselves and they said it was a 'good idea'… This was a year ago.

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          Wish there were some way to get the air bag wraps back to the warehouse for reuse as well.

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    Thanks OP, ordered 1 :)

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    Will just leave this here, intepret it how you will… but we really dislike using anything other than the 4ply towels by Quilton.
    The Viva doesn't even look like it's 2ply in comparison.

    Viva Paper Towel

    • 60 sheets, 22.5cm x 21cm
    • Total weight of 12 rolls = 0.9kg
    • Cost per kg = $13.33

    Quilton Tuffy / Quilton Absorba

    • 60 sheets, 22.5cm x 21cm, 4ply
    • Total weight of 12 rolls = 2.35kg
    • Cost per kg = $5.65
    • Where do you buy Tuffy from? We usually use that brand but it's not available at Coles.

      • We haven't been at Coles for a while, but I'm going to take a guess here that it's exclusive to Woolworths.

        • Oh i think you're right, been shopping online at coles and wondering why tuffy is not available. Yep, checked woolies and they got that brand. I checked amazon they only have Absorba there, that's the exact same paper towel with different name?

          • @brickwall: We are getting our first purchase of Absorba tomorrow so I can let you know then. But on paper it does look identical.

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              @Aww: "on paper"? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

            • @Aww: Thanks, please post here tomorrow if you can :D

              • @brickwall: @brickwall Sorry mate, been at work all day. The embossing is slightly different on the paper towels. But it's effectively the same product :)

                • @Aww: No worries :D glad you remember to update, I was waiting.
                  Thanks for posting, appreciate it!

    • I was doing per 100 price but I was wondering how much thicker is the 4ply vs 2ply but you answered it for me!

    • Good comparison! But I wonder what price per roll is your calculation based on?

      • Quilton Absorba on Amazon

        • Thanks! I worked out that :

          for for Viva Paper Towel
          60 sheets, 22.5cm x 21cm
          you assumed the cost for 12 rolls is at $12.00

          for Quilton Tuffy / Quilton Absorba, 60 sheets, 22.5cm x 21cm, 4ply
          you assumed the cost for 12 rolls is at $13.28.

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    With this quilton for 11$ , how does it compare to Viva.
    Is this any good ?


    • If it helps… we accidentally purchased this recently and we were wondering why it's reaching max saturation quicker and tearing easier. We then figured out we bought the wrong one. This is in comparison to the 4ply variant we usually use.

      So I would say the 3ply is fairly comparable to Viva… possibly slightly thicker, but in terms of max absorption and strength… no real difference.

      • Thanks for the info. Will go with quilting then. 9.9$ with S&S.

        • If you read Aww's calculation, he thinks the best one is Quilton Tuffy / Quilton Absorba, 60 sheets, 22.5cm x 21cm, 4ply.

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    Thanks OP, sent it to a random relative of mine. I love sending Amazon toilet paper and paper towels to relatives for fun.

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      Hi! It's me, your relative!

      • Are you random though?

    • sent it to a random relative of mine.

      "Mum, why does uncle bennos keep sending up toilet paper?"

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    Remember when you couldnt buy paper towel or toilet paper.. Seems so long ago..

    • Stock up for wave 3.

  • Different from the viva you get a wools?

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