SV650 Vs Z650 Vs XSR 700

Hi Everyone
Looking to get my first bike
I'm an experienced rider but bit out of touch for long time
Now want to get back on 2 wheels
Just not able to decide around these models
Legal limit due to license restrictions is 650cc
Prefer the naked look
Please help
Love XSR but very expensive
Best of the bunch is sv650 due to pricing
But also love the Z650 as its good design (TFT, LED lamps etc)

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  • One small advantage of getting the new Kawasaki is the Rideology app. Z650 riding position very close to the handlebars compared to the other 2. To me the Yamaha looks the best

  • Try them all, riding position is a very personal issue, as is centre of gravity for your style and body size etc.

    I had an SV650, love the linear V power but eventually chopped in for a fazer as preferred slightly more upright riding over longer distances.

  • The XSR is buckets of fun but as you said pricey. The SV would be my choice but Suzuki ealers are a bit Meh these days depends if you have a good one near you


    XSR is a gorgeous bike, but I can't say any of these options feel like great value. Plus I think the two others here are butt ugly personally.

    Why don't you get a slightly older bike and open your options up? There's loads of great bikes with a couple of years and a few thousand kms on the odometer that some mug bought new and never rode. Get one of those imo.

    • any suggestions on older naked other then XSR?

        • MT07: rave reviews. I still don't like the looks personally but lots do. 7-9k lightly used.
        • Older SV650: can't go wrong with these. Pay something like 6k for a lightly used one.
        • Older xsr700: floor price is about 7-9k lightly used. Beats paying for new.
        • Kawasaki ER6NL: never heard of these tbh but decent looking and around that same 7-9k price.
        • Honda CB650F: best looking in this class imo. Plus, it's a honda. Bout 7-9k again. Sensing a pattern here.
          • Triumph street triple 660: not sure if the smaller triumph triples are any good personally. Don't know much about em. But generally triumph triples are very popular. 8k+.
        • Legend thank you sir
          thats a very good list
          liked the ER6NL
          btw whats your ride? just curious


            @rpar13: Pleasure mate! Check the bikesales app if you haven't got it. Puts a lot of bikes in your pocket ;)

            I'm still on my Ps too but sorta looked at every single other bike out there to decide what's next for me. Reviews and vids on everything.

            I'm on a cbr300ra. Got a vf750 in the garage too, but obviously can't ride that get ;)

        • I have to agree here, that CB650F would be a great bike, but the R version of it is a much better looking machine…

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            @pegaxs: I think they both look awesome, personally.

            • @DisabledUser220804: I just wish the 650R had the same swingarm on it as the CB1000R had on it.

              The other one I thought of for OP was the upcoming CFMoto 700CX-… range of bikes. CFMoto have really got thier shit together in the last few years and are pulling a Hyundai with their quality improvements. Might put that on my "to buy" list… Ended up not suggesting it once I found out it will only be available in a 700cc full power version initially.

              • @pegaxs: yes cfMoto not LAMS :(

                • @rpar13: The CFMoto 650NK ABS isn't a bad bike. One of the guys in our ride group, his wife has the newer 650NK and likes it (I've never ridden it (The bike, not his wife…)) they are about $6,800 ride away with a 3 year warranty. Enough to cover you for your P's and parts are pretty cheap (so long as you're not using it as a bowling ball) But, it doesn't have that XSR retro styling…

  • Is this the hard and fast list? Or are you open to alternatives? Do you have a budget? Does it have to be a new bike or will a newish, low km bike also suit your requirements?

    Other bikes I would consider (in no particular order) that would be in a similar ball park would be;

    Yamaha MT-07 (Similar to the XSR)
    Benelli Leoncino (only a 500cc though)
    Honda CB650R (It's a Honda, what more needs to be said.)
    Ducati Monster 659 (InB4: "eRrRr BeLtZ aNd VaLvEz!!!1!1!!")
    Royal Enfield GT650 (Maybe a bit too retro??)

    • yes open for suggestions
      but this are the one i liked after research
      looked up few low k XSR but love the new look
      Also had Ducati in my mind but heard parts will be expensive
      RE GT650 is similarly priced to SV and Z
      being just air cooled engine will it make difference in city riding?

      • With regards to the Ducati Monster, the range is pretty good price wise when it comes to parts. The Panigale end… that is a little more expensive. And if you don't go chucking it in the weeds, no bike should be expensive for parts. If you are buying new or ex-demo or run out stock, it will have warranty on it anyway.

        Friend has the RE Continental GT650 and I have ridden it a few times, and for what they paid for it, it's a pretty good machine. Next time I buy a bike, I might look into the Continental GT650. But for some, its a little too "retro" looking. I currently have a RE 350 Classic… and I wouldn't recommend that. Has a worked race engine in it running methanol and still only makes 18kw on the dyno.

        As for city riding and heat on an air cooled bike, if it's a super hot day and you're idling for ages, it "might" be an issue, but not much. Almost all of my bikes are air cooled (Vespa, Monster, Scrambler, Harley, RE 350… Notice they are all twins or singles.) and they work alright in summer and no problem in colder months. The best part on a bike is that you can lane filter in the city and you often don't have to sit in a lot of traffic anyway and are often not stationary as long as a car. (Ignore the lane filtering part if you are in a state that you have to hold a full license to lane filter or a state that doesn't allow it (NSW RR 151, Subrule 3,(e1)). InB4; butt hurt cagers rage at bikers lane filtering, Lane. Filtering. Is. Legal. (In NSW at least, your state may vary.))

        • Lol you made me laugh at that methanol thing
          thank for the update on GT650
          i will check it out

  • Is the license restriction strictly just the engine capacity, i.e nothing to do with LAMS?

    I'm not sure of the exact restriction on your license, but if it's just engine capacity, great!

    • yes LAMS off course
      just getting my P this DEC

      • Okay cool. Based on that then, if you think you'll keep the bike past your unrestricted license then that could justify a higher budget.

        Of course there's derestricting the bike later on, but that brings up insurance and legal questions.

        Most common bikes are going to do the job reliably, how your body feels on it is probably the most important thing.

        That's all I've got, good luck with the course.

  • Would recommend sitting and maybe a test ride if possible. Despite being naked, the posture could still vary depending on the models. You can't go wrong with any of these models . Load limit was a big factor for me. Ended up getting demo Duke 690R